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Mother left father when I was six weeks old, so I never knew him. By the time I was old enough to look for him, he'd been dead many years. With little to work with, other than an obituary of his mother, I set off to try to understand this man whose blood I carried. Most of my genealogical research has been spent discovering father through his family.

Multimedia Family Forms

A Multimedia Family Form provides a pictoral way of bringing out the individuality of family connections. It includes the normal names and dates, as well as a biographical summary, but its strength is in the pictoral reminders of aspects of the life of a particular couple. When you're dealing with many hundreds of names, it helps to pull out the ones that you want to remember.

Henry's Ancestry

Much can be learned about someone by examining their family and friends. My research into 5th great grandfather, Henry Livingston, Jr., emphasized the large extended family living in New York in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Ancestral Portraits
Descendants of Robert Livingston
Henry's Place in the Livingston Family
24 Henry Livingstons
26 Catharine Livingstons
Immediate Families of Henry Jr. and Sr.
Bios of Henry's Connections

Much can be learned about someone by examining their family and friends. My research into 5th great grandfather, Henry Livingston, Jr., emphasized the large extended family living in New York in the 18th and 19th centuries.

More Connections of Henry
Sanders Glen

James Anderson was educated at Edinburgh Scotland, under the care of Principal Stirling, of Glasgow. His original aim was to be a pastor in Virginia, but the opportunities for Presbyterian congregations in a Church of England community were too few, so he moved on to Delaware, and then New York City. His conservative religious views put him in conflict with the Livingstons, as well as with the young and charismatic Jonathan Edwards, so Anderson moved on again to the congregation where he would finally settle, Donagal PA.

Anderson Genealogy

Rev. James Anderson and Suit Garland
  and Rebecca Crawford   Mmff
Col. Samuel Breese and Rebecca Finley
  and Elizabeth Anderson   Mmff

Edward Antill

Edward Antill was a lawyer and merchant who died at the age of 45, leaving a single son, also named Edward, in the care of the pirate Giles Shelley, whom the elder Antill had defended and saved from hanging. With inheritance from both his father and his guardian, the younger Antill married a daughter of Governor Lewis Morris. The Antill family was well educated and active in scientific associations. Colonel Edward Antill, the third generation, was trained as an engineer and sent to America's new Congress to describe the death of General Montgomery before the walls of Quebec City.

More Antill Family

Edward Antill and Sarah and Elizabeth Bowne
Edward Antill and Anne Morris   Also   Mmff
Colonel Edward Antill and Charlotte Riverin   Mmff
Sarah Antill and Lt. Col. John Morris
Isabel Antill and Rev. Robert McKean
Mary Antill and Col. Gerrit G. Lansing
Frances Antill and Arthur Tappan
Major John Antill and Margaret Colden
Dr. Lewis Antill and Alice Colden
Mary Antill and Richard Cochran


Wilhelm Beekman came from an educated German family in Cologne, one grandfather, Rev. Gerardus Beekman, having been rewarded by King James I for his translation of the bible. His other grandfather, Rev. William Baudertius, was another well-known theologian. Wilhelm Beekman came to New Amsterdam with Peter Stuyvesant, and was appointed Governor of a Delaware colony, and deputy mayor of New York City in 1680.

Beekman Genealogy

Gerardus Beekman and Agnes Stunning   Also
Henry Beekman and Mary Baudertius
Wilhelm Beekman and Catalina de Boogh   Also
Hendrick Beekman and Joanna Lopers   Also   Also
Gilbert Livingston and Cornelia Beekman   Also   Mmff
Dr. Gerardus Beekman
Col. Henry Beekman and Janet Livingston
   and Gertrude Van Cortlandt   Also

Black Seal Bottle

Our immigrant ancestor, Sidney Breese (1709-1767), was the purser of a Navy ship before he came to America and started one of the first department stores in New York City. His wife, Elizabeth Penkethman (1710-1779), was the daughter of a Navy captain and a "natural" daughter of Lord Camden. Many of their descendants continued the Breese tradition of Naval careers.

The current opinion is that Sidney Breese is not connected with the New York Breese branch descending from John, Henry and Cornelius Breese.

More Beekman Family
Sydney Breese Genealogy

Sidney Breese and Elizabeeth Penkethman   Mmff
Col. Samuel Breese and Rebecca Finley
  and Elizabeth Anderson   Mmff
Elizabeth Ann Breese and Rev. Jedediah Morse
Arthur Breese and Catharine Livingston
and Ann Carpender   Also   Also   Mmff
Illinois Chief Justice Sidney Breese and Eliza Morrison   Mmff
Admiral Samuel L. Breese and Frances Stout
  and Emma Lovett  Mmff
Sarah Breese and Barent Bleecker Lansing
  Also   Also   Mmff
Susan Breese and Rev. Samuel Finley Snowden
Abigail Breese and Josiah Salisbury
Sarah Ann Breese and Admiral Thomas R. Walker
Susan Breese and Jacob Stout, Jr. and Rev. Dr. Proal
Catharine W. Breese and Captain Samuel Griswold
Commodore Samuel L. Breese and Rosa Lee
  and Eliz. McCullough

General Burnett

Following the Revolutionary War, Samuel Burnett moved his family from New Jersey to western Pennsylvania, on lands he had been given for his military service. As was often the case, Burnett moved as part of a small, religious community. Although he built a mill there, he eventually pulled up stakes again and moved his family across the border into Ohio, and it was there he settled.

His son Henry didn't have his educational advantages, but still prospered in the surveying and real estate business, relying on a method of computation which he invented for himself. Staunchly anti-slavery, Henry's house was one of the permanent stops on the underground railroad moving escaped slaves north.

Colonel Henry Lawrence Burnett, Henry's son, ran away from home to earn his education as a lawyer. But when the Civil War began, he joined the Ohio Cavalry, transferring to the judge advocate corps after being rolled on by his horse. Upon the assassination of President Lincoln, he was called to Washington by Secretary Stanton. Henry managed the investigation for Stanton, and served as one of the special judge advocates during the trial. Afterwards, he prepared the materials for the Library of Congress. He was breveted as Brigadier General at the end of the Civil War.

More Burnett Family

Samuel Burnett and Nancy Halliday
Henry Burnett and Nancy Jones  MMFF
Gen. Henry Lawrence Burnett and Sarah Lansing
  Also  MMFF  Memories of Lincoln Assassination Trial

Charles Butridge

The Butridge family of Sherman Texas descends from Butteridge/Butrage, who came to Virginia from England. The Thomas Graves connection no longer exists, based on DNA testing.

James Homer Butridge  Mmff
Rochester and Syracuse
Rochester and Syracuse

John Gibson was of Irish descent and, most likely, served under the man who became his father-in-law, Colonel Henry Bicker. Following the war, John and Mary moved their family to Ballston Spa, NY, where he worked as a lawyer and, for a short time before his death, served in the New York legislature beside his son-in-law, Colonel Samuel Young.

Not wanting to follow his father into the law, Henry B. Gibson ran away from home to work in the store of Judge Cooper, the father of James Fenimore Cooper. A later position with Watts Sherman led to his marrying Sherman's daughter, Sarah. Over his lifetime, Gibson became Cashier of the Ontario Bank, president of the Ontario Canal Company, and president of the Auburn and Rochester Railroad and the Rochester and Syracuse Railroad. After the latter was merged with others to form the New York Central, Gibson served on the Board of Directors for a year. Gibson Street in Canandaigua and Port Gibson NY were both named for him.

More Gibson Family

Henry B. Gibson Ancestors
John Gibson and Catharine Bicker
Henry Bicker Gibson and Sarah Sherman
  Also   Mmff
Gen. Henry Livingston Lansing and Catharine Gibson  Also
Watts Sherman II and Sarah Maria Gibson
Henry B. Gibson Descendants

Silver Mark

The Lansing family is pure New York Dutch, descending from Gerrit Lansing, their immigrant ancestor. Gerrit's son Jacob was a silversmith in Albany, passing on his art to a son and grandson. The similarity of names in this family line makes genealogy a rather hellish endeavor. While this can be seen with the profusion of Jacobs and Gerrits, it reaches its peak with Barent Bleecker Lansing naming two of his sons Henry Lansing, distinguished by only a a middle name. Since both went into the military and came out of the Civil War brevetted as Brigadier Generals, the confusion stays around quite a while. Henry Livingston Lansing followed his father-in-law, Henry B. Gibson, into the banking field, and then became Treasurer of the Buffalo and Erie Railroad. Henry Seymour Lansing spent many years in Europe in the banking industry, returning and becoming Auditor General of the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia.

More Lansing Family
Lansing Genealogy

Jacob Gerritse Lansing and Helena Glen   Mmff
Gerrit Jacob Lansing and Maria Everts
  and Jannetje Waters   Mmff
Colonel Gerrit G. Lansing and Mary Antill   Mmff
Barent Bleecker Lansing and Sarah Breese   Also   Mmff
Gen. Henry Livingston Lansing and Catharine Gibson
  Also   Also   Mmff
Gen. Henry Seymour Lansing and Jane White   Also   Also   Mmff
Chancellor John Lansing and Cornelia Ray   Mmff
Judge Sanders G. Lansing and Catharine TenEyck
Abraham Lansing and Susannah Yates
Jacob G. Lansing II and Femmetje Lansing
Jacob J. Lansing and Marytje Egberts
Judge Richard Ray Lansing and Susan Platt
  and Elizabeth Livingston   Also   Also   Mmff
Gen. Henry Lawrence Burnett and Sarah Lansing  Also

Henry as soldier

Robert Livingston came to America from Scotland, following a dream of his father's that his father's death prevented him from completing. Descending from a line of educated ministers, Robert made his fortune by marrying the widow of Van Rennselaer, Alida Schuyler.

Livingston Items of Interest to Cousins
More Livingston Family
Livingston Genealogy

Rev. John Livingston and Janet Fleming   Also
Robert Livingston and Alida Schuyler   Also
Gilbert Livingston and Cornelia Beekman   Also   Mmff
Henry Livingston, Sr. and Susanna Conklin   Also   Mmff
Henry Livingston, Jr. and Sarah Welles
and Jane Patterson   Mmff
Catharine Livingston and Arthur Breese   Also   Mmff
Sheriff James Livingston and Judith Newcomb   Also
Lt. Gov. Pierre Van Cortlandt and Joanna Livingston
  Also   Mmff Philip Livingston and Catharine Van Brugh
Gilbert Livingston and Catharine Crannell   Also   Mmff
Rev. John Henry Livingston and Sarah Livingston   Memoirs   Also   Mmff
Robert Henry Livingston and Caty Tappan   Also
Beekman Livingston and Catharine Marsh   Also
Judge Jonas Platt and Helena Livingston   Also   Mmff
Gen. Melancthon L. Woolsey and Alida Livingston   Also
Robert "the Nephew" Livingston   Also
Signer Philip Livingston and Christiana Ten Broeck   Also   Mmff
Gov. William Livingston and Susannah French   Also   Mmff
Chan. Robert R. Livingston and Mary Stevens   Also   Mmff
Mayor Edward Livingston and Mary McEvers   Also
Gov. Morgan Lewis and Gertrude Livingston
Mayor James Duane and Mary Livingston   Also
John Jay and Sarah Livingston   Also   Mmff
Major Gen. Richard Montgomery and Janet Livingston   Also   Mmff
Major Gen. William Alexander and Sarah Livingston   Also
Col. Robert Livingston, 3rd Lord, and Mary Thong   Also   Mmff
Sidney Morse and Catharine Livingston
Elizabeth Livingston and Smith Thompson
  and Richard Ray Lansing   Also
Sarah Livingston and Smith Thompson   Also

Governor Lewis Morris

Lewis Morris (1671-1746) was Chief Justice of the American Colonies in 1720, and became Governor of New Jersey in 1738. It was his grandson, Lewis Morris, who signed the Declaration of Independence. Governor Morris was a poet, and co-wrote the first play produced in America.

More Morris Family

Governor Lewis Morris and Isabella Graham   Timeline   Mmff
Edward Antill and Anne Morris   Also   Mmff
James Graham and Arabella Morris
Col. Anthony White and Elizabeth Morris
Lewis Morris, Jr. and Tryntie Staats
  and Sara Gouverneur
Signer Lewis Morris, Jr. and Mary Walton   Mmff
Gouveneur Morris and Anna C. Randolph   Mmff
Richard Morris and Sarah Ludlow

Governor Lewis Morris

Philip Schuyler, the immigrant ancestor of the Schuyler family, arrived in America and married the daughter of the director of the Rensselaerswyck colony. He was appointed Vice-director of Fort Orange, an area which became Albany. The family which descended from Philip and Margaretta became one of the most important Colonial families.

Col. Philip Schuyler and Margaretta van Slichtenhorst   Also
Robert Livingston and Alida Schuyler
Mayor Peter Schuyler and E. Van Schaick
  and M. Van Rensselaer
Robert "Nephew" Livingston and Alida Schuyler
Maj. Gen. Philip John Schuyler and Catharine Van Rensselaer   Also   Mmff
Lt. Gov. Stephen Van Rensselaer and Margaret Schuyler   Also
Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler   Also
William Watts Sherman House

The Butridge family of Sherman Texas descends from Butteridge/Butrage, who came to Virginia from England. The Thomas Graves connection no longer exists, based on DNA testing.

Capt. Nathaniel Sherman and Lucy Tisdale
Signer Roger Sherman and Rebecca Prescott
Watts Sherman and Olivia Jillson
Henry Sherman and Sarah Mitchell
General Sherman and Ellen Ewing
Senator Sherman and Margaret Sarah Stewart
Watts Sherman II and Sarah Maria Gibson
William Watts Sherman and Sophia Brown
Lawrence Lewis Gillespie and Irene Sherman
Rev. Dr. Noah Welles

One of the two major branches of the Welles surname in Connecticut, Rev. Dr. Noah Welles settled in Stamford after graduating from Yale University, where he developed a friendship with Governor William Livingston. A Yale tutor, Dr. Welles was described by Yale President Timothy Dwight: "Dr. Welles was early distinguished for his talents. His imagination was vivid and poetical; his intellect vigorous, and his learning extensive. His manners, at the same time, were an unusual happy compound of politeness and dignity. ... He was an excellent minister of the Gospel, exemplary in all the virtues of the Christian life, an able preacher, a wise ruler of the church, and an eminently discreet manager of its important concerns."

Rev. Welles was a fervent revolutionary, and died of a fever contracted while visiting prison ships during the Revolutionary War.

Rev. Dr. Noah Welles and Abigail Taylor
  Also   Mmff Henry Livingston, Jr. and Sarah Welles   Mmff
Major Melancthon Woolsey Welles and Abigail Buel
Rep. John Davenport and Mary Welles   Also
Melanchton Taylor Woolsey

Reverend Benjamin Woolsey graduated Yale in 1707, and settled on Long Island on a piece of property known as Dosoris, which came as his wife's dower. His descendants concentrated in the church and military, his great grandson, Theodore Dwight Woolsey, becoming President of Yale in 1846.

Rev. Benjamin Woolsey and Abigail Taylor
  Also   Also   Also   Mmff
Rev. Dr. Noah Welles and Abigail Woolsey   Mmff
President Timothy Dwight and Mary Woolsey   Also   Mmff
General Melancthon Lloyd Woolsey and Alida Livingston
Commodore Melancthon Taylor Woolsey
  and Susan Tredwell   Also   Also   Mmff
Commodore Melancthon Brooks Woolsey and Mary Morrison
Valley Forge

Colonel Henry Bicker commanded the Second Pennsylvania Continental Line during the terrible winter of 1888. His Orderly Book gives a glimpse into the life of the regiment.

  Henry Bicker and Sophia Heyer
Sanders Glen

Alexander Glen was one of the original "Fifteen Proprietors" of Schenectady. Born in Scotland in 1600, he was well educated and wealthy, coming to America as an agent of the Dutch West India Company.

Samuel Finley Breese Morse

Famous as both a portrait painter and the inventor of Morse Code, Samuel Finley Breese Morse was a descendant of the Breese family and purchased Locust Grove, the estate of Henry Livingston, Jr., the father of Morse's aunt Catharine Livingston, and the great grandfather of Morse's second wife, Sarah Elizabeth Griswold.

Samuel Finley Breese Morse   See also   Mmff
Sidney Morse and Catharine Livingston
Philip Van Cortlandt

The son of Lt. Governor Philip Van Cortlandt and Joanna Livingston, Philip Van Cortlandt was mustered out of the Revolutionary Army with the rank of Brigadier General for his service at Yorktown under General Lafayette. Like his father, he became active in New York politics and was a member of the convention that voted for the Federal Constitution in 1788.




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