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Master Paintings of the World
Edited by Dupont Vicars
The White City Art Co., Chicago, 1902, 12 chapters, 192 pages
This book is precious to me because it was how mother passed on to me her love for art when I was so very young. Grandmother had moved to Chicago to take classes at the Art Institute well before she ever met grandfather. She owned the book originally, and passed it on to mother when mother attended University of Chicago as a Fine Arts/English major. It's mine now but because the pages of this book are so old and brittle, the only way to salvage it to pass it on to someone else is to digitize it here for you. I've added transcriptions to let you search and swipe, and links to connect pictures and descriptions.
Title Page            Dedication            Page of Artists            First Page

Books have to be efficient of space, so descriptive text can meander far from what is being described. Because of the natural complexity of that type of organization, reading an art book can often be a brain teaser. For a more logically coherent organization, I've created Chapter Views that connect picture icons with the associated text. From there, you can link to the larger image. Unfortunately, I can find no logic that determined what Dupont Vicars put in what chapter. If you do, let me know!

The book includes two pages of artist names and the page numbers where their work appears. I've expanded that concept to allow you to link to a painting in the book, or link to more about the artist. Once you're on an artist's page, you can page through artists just as you were paging through art.

Since this website has grown from childhood memories and love, I've also included a ring of larger images of my favorite pictures.

If you're here as a researcher, then you probably have a personal set of links far better than these, but as someone returning to art after 40 years, these are the links I've been impressed enough by to want easy access to refind them.

I'd love to hear from you if you have any feedback on the design, or suggestions to make it better.


Old art articles from the New York Times archive.

Though mostly a gossip rag about the American art community at the turn of the century, it also contained etchings of paintings by our artists.

Recent news articles on art that catch my eye.

A  B  C  D   F  G  H  K   L  M  N  P   R  S  T  V   W  Z  
Sir Laurens Alma-Tadema Yes Yes Sculptor's Model
Wilhelm August Lebrecht Amberg No Yes Sorrowful Thoughts
Santiago Arcos No No Abduction of Chloris by Boreas
Marguerite Arosa No No Page missing in my book
Albert Aublet Yes No Sleep  Turkish Woman at the Bath  New Moon
Jules Charles Aviat No Yes Revelation
Alexis Axilette No No Summertime
Jules Frederic Ballavoine No Yes Lassitude  Fragility
Felix Joseph Barrias Yes No Triumph of Venus
Emile Antoine Bayard No No Reconciliation
J. Albert Begas No No A Summer Toilet
Emmanuel Michel Benner Yes Yes Study  Sleeper  Venus Appearing to Three Graces  Daphne
Wood Nymph Reposing  Leda
Jean Benner No No Revery  In the Blue Grotto
Ernst Berger No No Awakening
Francisque Edouard Bertier No No A Trick at Cards
Jean-Baptiste (James) Bertrand No No Grasshopper Singing to the Moon
Edouard Bisson No No La Cigale  Spring's First Flowers  The Return of Spring
Etienne Bonneau No No A Priestess of Isis
Pierre-Louis Bouchard No No After the Bath
William-Adolphe Bouguereau No Yes Calypso  Morning  Nymphs   Evening
Gustave Rodolphe Clarence Boulanger No No Summer Bath at Pompeii
Laurent Joseph Daniel Bouvier No No Spring
Alfred Henri Bramtot No Yes Bashful Love
James Ross Bryson No No Pastel Portraits
Blaise Vlaho Bukovac No No Flower  The White Slave
Alexander Cabanel No No Phaedra  The Birth of Venus
Louis Chalon No No Circe and the Companions of Ulysses
Alexandre Jacques Chantron Yes No Pierrette
Charles Joshua Chaplin No No Lyre
Louis Marie Francais Jacquesson
    De La Chevreuse
No No Circassian's Toilette  April
Felix Auguste Clement No No Morning  Circassian Woman in the Harem
Louis Joseph Raphael Collin No No Floreal
Jacqueline Comerre-Paton No Yes Magdalene
Diana Coomans No No In the Gymnaecium  At the Callirhoe Spring
Pompeiian Fruit Vendor  Elegy  Attention
Heva Coomans No Yes Pompeiian Flower Girl  Message  A Bird Seller in Pompeii
Youth's Sunny Hours
Pierre Oliver Joseph Coomans No Yes Smile  Satisfaction   Dreaming
Louis Courtat No No The Odalisque
Angelo compte de Courten No No Night
Gustave Claude Etienne Courtois No No Page 60 missing from book
Edouard Joseph Dantan No No Modeling from Life
Edouard Bernard Debat-Ponsan
No No Spring Flowers
Charles Francois Edouard
    De Beaumont
No No A Nest of Sirens
Henry Eugene Delacroix No No Sea-gulls and Billows
Konrad Wilhelm Dielitz Yes No Daughters of the Rhine  Spirit of the Alps
Franz Dvorak No No Spring
Emil Doerstling No No Flower's Revenge
Charles Emil Auguste
No No The Red-haired Leila   Music Video
Eugene-Emmanuel Amaury Duval No No An Old Friend
Luis Ricardo Falero No No Belated Witch  Planet Venus  Double Star
Faust's Vision  Marina  Departure of Witches
Prayer to Isis
Jules Arsene Garnier No No In the Harem
Gaston Gerard Yes No Voice of Evening
Henri Gervex Yes No Masked Model
Rene-Joseph Gilbert No No Midsumer Siesta
Auguste Barthelemy Glaize No No Love's First Step
Gustav Graef No No Bianchina  Soul of the Water Dragon
Paul Edouard Rosset-Granger No No Hierodules
Jean Jacques Henner Yes No Sleep
Leon Herbo No No Cherries or Roses?
Louis Hierle No No Terentia
Leon Auguste Cesar Hodebert No No Model
Wilhelm Kray Yes No Dance of Will o' the Wisps   Water-nixes' Victim
Idyl of the Sea   Psyche & Zypher   Nymph of Roses
Undine   Lorelei   Fisher   Lorelei and Igorne
Venetian Swimming School
Francois Lafon No No Thracian Women Spurning Body of Orpheus
Adolphe La Lyre Yes No Sirens Awaiting Their Prey
Edouard Michel Lancon No No Bather
Charles Zacharie Landelle Yes Yes Rebecca   Algerian Water-girl   Darbouka Player
Almeh   Mother and Child: Tlemcen   Naiad  
Pierre Desire Eugene Franc Lamy No No Fantasy
François-Maurice Lard No Yes Fallen Rose Leaves
Georges Lefebvre No No Tertemia
Jules-Joseph Lefebvre Yes Yes Diana Surprised at Bath   Antique Poesy   Salome   Undine  
Charles Amable Lenoir Yes No Novel
Fernand Lequesne No No Two Pearls
P. Le Quesne No No Web of Arachne
Ernst Friederich von Liphart No No Assumption of Mary Magdalene
Josef Lieck No No Silent Happiness
Otto Theodore Gustav Lingner Yes No Night
Jules Louis Machard No No Soap-Bubbles
Gabriel Cornelius Ritter von Max No Yes Lacrima
Marcel Paul Meys No No Summer Siesta
Luigi Mion No No Early Morning
Joseph-Emile Millocheau No No Maenad Weeping over the Head of Orpheus
Aime Nicolas Morot No No Japanese Fancy
Paul Mousset No No Love Birds  Japanese Bather
Emile Munier Yes Yes Cupid Disarmed  Cascade
Max Nonnenbruch Yes Yes Favorite  Greek Slave
Fritz Georg Papperitz No No An Idyll
Philippe Parrot No No Spring
Louis August Albert Paul No No Harem Fruits and Flowers
Edouard Jerome Paupion No Yes Thisbe
Leon Jean Basile Perrault Yes Yes La Cigale  Nymph's Revenge  Venus in her Car
Joseph Victor Ranvier No No Infancy of Bacchus
Miecislaw Reyzner Yes No Morning
Edouard Frederic Wilhelm Richter Yes No At her Ease - Granada
Caspar Ritter No No Consolation in Song
Alcide Theophile Robaudi No No Mademoiselle Pierrot
Lionel Noel Royer No No Cytheraea  Love and Folly
Joseph Saint-Germier No No Couch of Roses
Gaston Casimir Saintpierre No No Approach of the Master  At the Fountain
Adelaide Salles-Wagner No No The Nymph Arethusa
Jules Scalbert Yes No Chilly
Louis Frederic Schutzenberger Yes No Drowsy Bacchante
Carl Schweninger, Jr. Yes No A Quiet Nook
Alfred Seifert Yes Yes Under the Vine Leaves
Nathaniel Sichel No No Vestal Virgin  Turnadot  Summer  Page 59 missing
Yum-Yum  Egyptian Slave   Fatima  An Odalisque  Aspasia
Alceste  Bayadere  Messenger of Love
Henri de Siemiradzki No No Sword Dance
Carl Rudolph Sohn, Jr. No No At the Masquerade
Julius Leblanc Stewart No Yes Spring
W. Thorne No No A Song Without Words
Friedrich Paul Thumann Yes No Sirens
Paul Prosper Tillier Yes No Young Connoisseur
A. Tobias No No Little Housekeeper
Jules Jean Baptiste Toulot No No Salammbo
Georges Pierre Marie Van den Bos No Yes The Prey of Cupid  Improvisation
Marie-Rose-Marguerite Cayron
No No The Bath
Bertha Verree No No Dream of Roses
Eugen Von Blaas Yes No Angiolina
Baron Cuno von Bodenhausen Yes Yes Voices of Fairyland
Jacques Clement Wagrez Yes Yes Spring Fairy  Juliet
Adolphe Weisz No Yes It is I!
Fritz Zuber-Buhler No No Prohibited Book  Gypsy  Dew   Music Video

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Art-related Parts of This Site

In Memory of Nana and Mother
Mother became an English/fine arts major at University of Chicago in 1928 at the age of 17, studying in the studio of Lorado Taft. Art was part of our everyday life. She would smooth the beautiful, black Chicago dirt and draw a few lines - the art deco period, of course - and make me guess what the rest would be. When we went downtown, we would wander slowly through the city streets as she pointed out all the wondrous Chicago architecture. Then we'd go to the Art Institute, where grandmother had studied before she met grandfather, though mother did accuse me of preferring the gift shop. This book is one of my earliest memories and became one of those links to mother that I cherish. Before it was mother's, it was nana's. Her maiden name is written on the inside cover, scratched out and replaced with her married name. But the paper was cheap, and the book that they left for me is falling apart. So I'll save it here and give it to you. In memory of mother and grandmother.

               Do say 'hi' if you're passing through

From Thoughts While I Can Still Remember
Museums were playgrounds when I was a child
Hanging my heart on jungle gym bars
Of Renoirs and Rodins and even Matisse
While mother explained the curve of the hip
Of the Buddahs and odalesques playing with me
As we swung from 12th century tapestry
Into the sky of Georgia O'Keefe
And back again laughing in such fine company.

It was here that she studied, my mother explained,
Your grandmother, long before grandpa appeared,
At the Institute's classes of art and design,
Of the lion and the curve and the stroke of the pen.
She studied with Taft, mother said with some pride,
Though the master was gone long before I arrived in my turn,
Now it's yours, to take up the brush
For genetics will conquer in gentle ambush.

This wasn't at all what I wanted to hear
Because I was a scientist, cool-eyed and clear,
From the tips of my fingers that typed at the keys of computers
To firm-planted feet that walked near eyes of heaven
That gazed at Albireo's eyes blinking back blue and gold
    In a canvas of black, crying
"I am no artist and I know no verse."

Then I listened to silence that laughed in reverse.


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