Jacob Gerritse Lansing    (6 Jun 1681, Albany NY - 6 Dec 1767, Albany NY)
    + (abt 1710, Albany NY)
Helena Glen    (21 Nov 1683, Albany NY - 1725) (granddau Alexander Glen and Catherine Duncanson

    Gerrit Jacob Lansing    (4 Mar 1711, Albany NY, bef 2 Mar 1810)
    + (Abt. 1748)     Jannetje Waters    (bap: 12 Apr 1723, Albany NY, 2 Mar 1810)

    Colonel Jacob J. Lansing    (12 Jul 1714 - 18 Jan 1791)
    + (6 Nov 1742)     Marytje "Polly" Egberts    (bap:21 Feb 1714, 8 Mar 1771)

    John J. Lansing    (bap:28 Dec 1715 - 19 April 1808)
    + (14 Aug 1741)     Rachel Lievense    (d:28 May 1742)

    Catharine Lansing    (bap:7 Sep 1718)
    + (Abt. 1742)     Abraham Lansingh    (b:8 May 1704)

    Abraham Lansing
    + (20 May 1744)     Elizabeth Cooper

    Issac Lansing    (bap:28 Jan 1722)

    Sanders Lansing    (18 Aug 1723 - 3 Apr 1807)

    Elsje Lansing    (bap:24 Oct 1725 - Apr 1730)

    Isaac Lansing    (bap:24 Oct 1725 - 1799)
    + (Abt. 1746)     Annatje Van Woert    (b:1727)



silver tankard

silver mark

Jacob Gerrit Lansing died at the age of 86 yrs and 6 mo. He owned a house at the corner of North Pearl and Columbia streets, which he built in 1710, and where his children were born. This house, known as the "Pemberton house," was still standing in 1882.

Recognized as an important silversmith, Lansing's skill was passed on to his son Jacob Jr., as well as to his grandson, also called Jacob Gerrit Lansing.

Lansing-Pemberton House
Lansing-Pemberton House
Date of erection: c. 1710
Present condition: razed
Builder: Mr. Lansing
Yellow brick; one and a half stories. The upper section was left unfinished for several years and was used during that time for the storage of skins and furs. No two rooms were on the same level. The ceilings were not plastered, but the beams and sleepers were polished and the jambs of the fireplace faced with porcelain, ornamented with Scripture scenes.

Built by Lansing, the house was later sold to a man named Pemberton and was at one time occupied by the widow Vischer. It was especially distinguished as the loading place for Indians when they came to Albany for the purpose of trading their furs, too often for rum and worthless ornaments.

Here in this building many stirring scenes transpired when the Indians held their powwows and became uproarious under the influence of strong drink. At such times the widow would use her broomstick freely. It was a potent scepter in her hands and never failed to restore order, for the most stalwart Indian who had ever felt its power looked upon it with awe.

The building has been destroyed, but there is in the possession of Mr. Andrew L. Delebanty, 455 Ontario Street, Albany, New York, an original pediment from the door of this house and also one of the iron anchors used to fasten the construction work to the supporting walls.

Other existing records:
Munsell's book published in the early 1800's; Helen Wilkinson Reynolds' Dutch House in the Hudson Valley before 1776.

Prepared by H. Mayer, 1937

Lansing-Pemberton House
North Pearl and Columbia Streets
Albany, Albany County New York
HABS No? NY-3203
NY, 1-ALB, 16

1. Historic American Buildings Survey, Copy by N.E. Baldwin, Photographer, Copied Jan. 1937, From an old photo lent by S. Schreiber.
2. Historic American Buildings Survey, Copy by N.E. Baldwin, Photographer, Copied Jan. 1937, From an old photo lent by S. Schreiber.

Spoon front and back, by Jacob Gerrit Lansing (1681-1767)
Salt trenchers, by Jacob Gerrit Lansing (1681-1767)
Tea set, by Jacob Gerrit Lansing (1737-1803)
Marble Silver Collection, including Jacob Lansing
Book on Marble Silver Collection, including Jacob Lansing

See also
    Colonel Jacob J. Lansing (1681-1757) - son
    Jacob Gerrit Lansing (1736-1803) - grandson

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