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If you're looking for one-stop shopping for your web design or video needs, you've come to the right place. At InterMedia Enterprises, we're video and multimedia specialists located in the Greater Boston area. We do:
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We design for the web, as for any other communication medium, to convey a message. It's advertising, education, sales and community service all bundled into a package that has to touch the right responsive chord in the targeted audience. And it has to do it in a manner that doesn't get in the way of that message.

No matter how easy word processing programs can make writing, the quality of the work is only as good as the ability of the writer. This holds true for paint programs and artists, and for HTML editors and web designers.

Even beyond the words and the images that make up a webpage, there are qualities in its construction less easily explained. What makes up a good design? What is too much and what is not enough? How do you know when you've said enough? Will people be able to navigate around the site easily?

Balance, taste and judgement are hard qualities to teach. Experience in design takes years to obtain. We've been in the multimedia and video field for over ten years. That represents a huge number of interactive productions, edited pieces, and web pages. We've worked with every type of production from animated films done with departments of animators, to interactive presentations of state of the art computer work on laser disks and interactive kiosks, to collaborative web design done over the net.

We do it all. Writing? Our technical books have received awards, and several Hollywood movie scripts are being pitched today by agents. Just take a look at our sites and you tell us. Our local cable television show posters have become collectibles. Videos? We've taught it. Multimedia? Our projects have been shown at conferences around the world and we've won awards there, too.

We've built over 350 separate web pages.

Edith Layton's site includes a guestbook. Check out some of the comments people have written about her site.

We build single page sites and megasites. We build the sublime and the outrageous. We build with dignity and we build with emotion.

Bottom line? We help you to understand what you want to say to this virtual community and then we help you say it in a way that will make them listen.
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