Videos Approximately by Date

This roughly chronological listing of 650 song videos, created from 1986 through now, includes songs created by myself and by my husband, Paul Kosinski, as well as the videos made in our home by our guests. We've had the most fun time with friends who have flown in for anything between 24 hours of straight, intense videomaking, to others who've stayed for an equally intense week.

Looking over this list, I feel memories flooding back. So many good people have come to work with us, and some of the best work was done with, and by, them. Each person had their own style, sense of humor, creative leaps, etc., and it's humbling to realize that they came to us to develop their technical skills, and left adding so much value to the field by their unique points of view.

When the decisions on a song were controlled by a guest, that song is identified as BY the guest. This Chronological List shows all songs made in our home, whether the song was jointly made, or made by a guest under our tutelage.

671 Music Videos
Most Recent and Favorites Chronological From 2010 to Now
All Vids - Chronologically Listed Index of Plans and Lyrics
Alias Blake's 7 Boston Legal
Buffy Cadfael Camera
Christmas Computer Crime
Dr. Who   NEW Duenna Due South
Forever Knight Get Smart Harry Potter
House Julia Ecklar Lord of the Rings
Man from Uncle Miami Vice Miscellaneous
Professionals Quantum Leap Sherlock Holmes
Smallville Star Trek Starsky and Hutch
Star Wars Tom Lehrer  
Alias Blakes 7 Cadfael
Get Smart Gettysburg Forever Knight
Hiram Holliday Lord of the Rings Sandbaggers
Alias Characters Blank Blank Blank
Blakes 7 Characters Episode Guide Episode Outfits Script Fragments
Cadfael Characters Cadfael & Son Blank Blank
Get Smart Characters Blank Blank Blank
Gettysburg Characters Blank Blank Blank
Forever Knight Characters Episode Guide Making a Music Video Blank
Hiram Holliday Characters Blank Blank Blank
Lord of the Rings Characters Legolas-Gimli Quotes Poetry Mirkwood
Professionals Photos Blank Blank Blank
Sandbaggers Characters Blank Blank Blank

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   Early William-Adolphe Bouguereau
   Later William-Adolphe Bouguereau
   Lawrence Alma-Tadema
   Carolus-Duran and Zuber-Buhler
   John Everett Millais
   Dante Gabriel Rossetti
   Frederic Remington
   Tiffany and Lalique
   Art Nouveau
   Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939)
   Franz Marc (1880-1916)
   Older JMW Turner (1775-1851)
   Young JMW Turner (1775-1851)
   Henri Rousseau (1844-1910)
   Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901)
   Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890)
   Edouard Manet
   Norman Rockwell
   JC Leyendecker - 1896-1919
   JC Leyendecker - The 20s
   Georgia O'Keeffe
   Early Caravaggio
   Later Caravaggio
   American Sculpture
   Gustave Klimt
   Early 20th Century Art
   Luca, Andrea and Giovanni della Robia
   The Hermitage - Impressionism
   The MET - Impressionism
   Chicago Art Institute - Impressionism
   Boston Museum of Fine Arts - Impressionism
   Boston Museum of Fine Arts - Hidden Treasures
   Boston Museum of Fine Arts
   Rev War Diary to Hudson River School
   Illuminated Manuscripts - 700-1199
   Book of Deeds of Alexander the Great
   26 English Medieval Cathedrals
   Religious Art of the Venetian Renaissance
   Art Images from Daily Mail
   Landscape Images from Daily Mail
   Landscape Images from Daily Mail
   Ancient Egyptian Art
   Egyptian Fayum Portraits
   Ancient Chinese Art
   Chinese Bronzes
   Wang Ximeng
   Adoration of the Magi
   Gu Hongzhong - Night Revels of Han Xizai
   Wu Daozi - The Daoist Official of Earth
   Zhao Yan - Eight Gentlemen on a Spring Tour
   Yang Zihua - Northern Qi Scholars Collating Classic Texts
   Yan Liben and Yan Lide - Tribute Bearers
   Zhang Sengyou - Five Stars and 25 Constellations
Adobe Premiere  (2017)
Stewball Peter, Paul and Mary DEEP SPACE 9
Bashir and Garak

Download 193 MB
Black Widows in the Privy Julia Ecklar DEEP SPACE 9

Download 52 MB
Who I Was Born To Be Susan Boyle DEEP SPACE 9

Download 251 MB
Wreck of the Day Anna Nalick DEEP SPACE 9

Download 252 MB
Superman Crash Test Dummies DEEP SPACE 9

Download 273 MB
The Load Out, Stay Jackson Browne DEEP SPACE 9
General; I LOVE this one!

Download 546 MB
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood The Animals DEEP SPACE 9
Download 150 MB

Download 23 MB
Silver Threads and Golden Needles Linda Rondstadt DEEP SPACE 9
Garak/Bashir breakup

Download 146 MB
Stay the Night Jane Olivor DEEP SPACE 9
Garak/Bashir breakup

Download 201 MB
Song for My Father Jane Olivor DEEP SPACE 9
Dukat and his daughter Ziyal

Download 241 MB
We Are Okay Tim McGraw DEEP SPACE 9

Download 168 MB
Be Still The Fray DEEP SPACE 9
Garek/Bashir Hurt/Comfort

Download 241 MB
Cowboy in Me Tim McGraw DEEP SPACE 9
Garek's hard side

Download 237 MB
Hit Me with your Best Shot Pat Benetar DEEP SPACE 9

Download 173 MB
Loveable Glass Pear DEEP SPACE 9

Download 224 MB
Boys of Summer Don Henley DEEP SPACE 9
Download 284 MB

Download 44 MB
Dashboard Chris Young STAR TREK
Download 214 MB

Download 32 MB
If You Were a Woman Bonnie Tyler MIXED FANDOMS
With Paul Kosinski. Revelcon 28 - 2017 "Best in Show"
Thanks for all your support, Jamie Ritchey. Victor/Victoria; Sherlock Holmes; Star Wars; Red; DS9; STTNG; Galaxy Quest; Get Smart; Men in Black; Superman; Dr Who; Star Trek; Boston Legal; Due South; Starsky & Hutch; Hobbit; Man from Uncle

Download 271 MB
Adobe Premiere  (2016)
Auld Lang Syne Susan Boyle BLAKES 7
Blake; Gareth Thomas Memorial
Download 165 MB

Download 25 MB
Auld Lang Syne Mannheim Steamroller STAR WARS
Leia/Han - Carrie Fisher Memorial

Download 221 MB
Camouflage and Christmas Lights Duck the Halls NCIS and NCIS-LA
Military Christmas

Download 215 MB
Christmas Song Frank Sinatra SHERLOCK HOLMES
Military Christmas
Download 121 MB

Download 18 MB
Heart with No Companion Leonard Cohen SHERLOCK HOLMES
Military Christmas
Download 187 MB

Download 28 MB
Deck the Halls Barry-Phillips CASTLE
Secret Santa Episode

Download 134 MB
Wassail Barry-Phillips CASTLE
Bad Santa Episode

Download 133 MB
Santa Claus is Coming to Town Perry Como DR WHO
Santa (Doctor 12)

Download 121 MB
Home for the Holidays Garth Brooks DR WHO
Mixed Doctors
Download 133 MB

Download 20 MB
Father Christmas Susan Boyle DR WHO
Mixed doctors

Download 212 MB
Rudolph Duck the Halls DR WHO
Reindeer (Mixed Doctors)

Download 143 MB
Coton de Tulears Asparagus CAMERA
Jim Luippold's Coton de Tulear dogs and puppies
Download 274 MB

Download 38 MB
All I Need is a Miracle Mike & The Mechanics BLAKES 7

Download 197 MB
From Silver Lake Jackson Browne HOBBIT

Download 236 MB
Song for Adam Jackson Browne HOBBIT
Bilbo and Thorin

Download 241 MB
It's Not My Time 3 Doors Down PROFESSIONALS

Download 241 MB
Friend Like You Joshua Radin STAR TREK, TOS & 2009 et al
Spock & Kirk

Download 143 MB
One Hundred Years Five for Fighting STAR TREK, TOS & 2009 et al
Spock/Kirk; Leonard Nimoy Memorial

Download 244 MB
Love Decides Jane Olivor MIXED FANDOMS
Mostly slash; Lord of the Rings, Due South, Professionals, Boston Legal, Starsky & Hutch, Sherlock Holmes, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Blakes 7, Star Wars, Forever Knight

Download 170 MB
Let's Make Some Memories Jane Olivor DR WHO
Trying for the Stars

Download 168 MB
My Old Friend Tim McGraw DR WHO
Sarah Jane and The Doctors

Download 202 MB
I Think I'm a Clone "Weird Al" Yankovic DR WHO
Clones and Regenerated Doctors;
made by Paul Kosinski

Download 113 MB
Avid  (2016)
Walk Thru the Nightside Julia Ecklar HOBBIT
Bilbo's Fear and Courage

Download 166 MB
Shadows of the Night Pat Benetar HOBBIT

Download 215 MB
Misty Mountains Richard Armitage HOBBIT
Memories of gold; mostly Thorin

Download 384 MB
Jurassic Park "Weird Al" Yankovic DR WHO
Dinasaurs - Mixed Doctors
Remade on Premiere
Download 238 MB

Download 36 MB
Dear Friend Laura Browne Sorenson DR WHO
Clara/Danny (Capaldi)
Download 205 MB

Download 31 MB
Avid  (2015)
I Will Think of You Laura Browne Sorenson DR WHO
River Song/Doctor (Mixed Doctors)
Download 211 MB

Download 31 MB
Anticipation Carly Simon DR WHO
River Song/Doctor (Mixed Doctors)
Download 207 MB

Download 32 MB
Forever Young Joan Baez DR WHO
Regeneration - Mixed Doctors

Download 222 MB
White Flag Dido DR WHO
The Doctor/The Master slash - Mixed Doctors

Download 211 MB
Wherefore and Why Gordon Lightfoot DR WHO
The Doctor and The Master - Mixed Doctors

Download 168 MB
Greensleeves Philadelphia Brass Ensemble DR WHO
The Doctor and Elizabeth I (David Tennant)
Download 107 MB

Download 16 MB
These Boots Eric Church DR WHO
The Doctor and The Master - Mixed Doctors

Download 231 MB
Undun The Guess Who DR WHO
Travails of Companions

Download 231 MB
The Night I Painted the Sky Jimmy Buffett DR WHO
Special effects (Mixed Doctors)

Download 320 MB
Just You and I Melissa Manchester DR WHO
Relationships (David Tennant)

Download 193 MB
Voices Chris Young DR WHO
Inner voices

Download 188 MB
Solitary Man Neil Diamond DR WHO

Download 156 MB
Ruby Tuesday The Rolling Stone DR WHO
Clara (Mixed Doctors)

Download 202 MB
Heroes and Friends Randy Travis DR WHO
Mixed Doctors

Download 155 MB
Our Paths Will Cross Josh Ritter DR WHO
Intertwining (Mixed Doctors)

Download 185 MB
Crossroads Don McLean DR WHO
Intertwining (Mixed Doctors)

Download 225 MB
All I Know Art Garfunkel SHERLOCK
Mycroft & Sherlock
Download 198 MB

Download 29 MB
Vincent Don McLean DR WHO
Vincent Van Gogh (Matt Smith)

Download 247 MB
It's Not My Time 3 Doors Down SHERLOCK
Download 235 MB

Download 34 MB
All About Berries Julia Ecklar SHERLOCK
Boys' Night Out
Download 160 MB

Download 23 MB
A Little Help The Beatles SHERLOCK
Download 159 MB

Download 24 MB
Avid  (2014)
Don't Think Twice Peter, Paul and Mary SHERLOCK
John's anger at Mary
Download 198 MB

Download 28 MB
Future Days Pearl Jam SHERLOCK
John, Mary and Sherlock
Download 227 MB

Download 32 MB
Future Days Pearl Jam SHERLOCK
John and Mary
Download 227 MB

Download 32 MB

Non-Linear, Digital  (2014-)
   Be Still ST - 2013
   Stand My Ground ST - 2013
   White is in the Winter Night Dr Who - Mixed
   Greatest American Hero Dr Who - Mixed
   Carol of the Birds Dr Who - Tennant
   Time After Time Dr Who - Tennant
   Jingle Bells Dr Who - Smith
   Simple Gifts Cadfael
   Song for a Winter's Night Dr Who - Smith
   Little Town of Bethlehem Dr Who - Smith
   Angels in the Snow Dr Who - Tennant
Non-Linear, Digital  (2010-)
   Last Shot Fired Mixed
   Wait Castle
   Aquinas Loyalty Song Aquinas 1962
   Santa's Coming - Kick Your Ass Harry Potter
   Here We Come A-wassailing Lord of the Rings
   O Come All Ye Faithful Sherlock Holmes
   Night Before Christmas Vintage Illos
   Hallelujah Chorus Castle
   Just One of Those Days Castle
   Auld Lang Syne 5 Aquinas 1962
   Auld Lang Syne 4 Aquinas Lost Friends
   Auld Lang Syne 3 Aquinas Lost Friends
   Auld Lang Syne 2 Aquinas Lost Friends
   Auld Lang Syne Aquinas Lost Friends
   Wild Horses Sherlock Holmes
   Should've Been a Cowboy Sherlock Holmes
   Be Still Sherlock Holmes
   Masters of War Sherlock Holmes
   As It Seems Sherlock Holmes
   Rambling Man Star Trek 2009
   Song Inside My Head Sherlock Holmes
   Wherefore and Why Sherlock Holmes
   My Best Friend Sherlock Holmes
   She's Always a Woman Sherlock Holmes
   I Believe in You Sherlock Holmes
   Just Cant Get It Right Sherlock Holmes
   One Toy Soldier JAG
   Frosty Harry Potter
   Wintersong JAG
   Two Front Teeth Alias, Sherlock Holmes, NCIS LA, JAG, NCIS
   For Unto Us a Child is Born Star Wars, Star Trek 2009, Star Trek
   O Christmas Tree Harry Potter, Bones, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, NCIS LA, Smallville, JAG, NCIS
   Ding Dong Merrily on High Harry Potter, Witness, Bones, NCIS, Star Trek, Man from Uncle
Non-Linear, Digital  (2010-)
   We Wish You A Merry Christmas NCIS
   Oh, Very Young Harry Potter
   Puff, the Magic Dragon Harry Potter
   Wild Place Harry Potter
   Time in a Bottle Harry Potter
   O Come Emmanuel Harry Potter
   Universal Child Harry Potter
   Mistletoe and Holly Harry Potter
   Baby, It's Cold Outside Star Wars
   Coventry Carol Star Wars
   See Amid the Winter's Snow Star Wars
   Hallelujah Star Wars
   The Saga Begins Star Wars
   Yoda Star Wars
   Ruby Tuesday NCIS-LA
   Let It Be NCIS-LA
   Those Were the Days NCIS
   The Escape Miscellaneous
   Amish Paradise Miscellaneous
   At My Funeral NCIS
   If I Died Today Due South
   Proud NCIS
   Doggy in the Window NCIS
   Lean on Me NCIS
   He's a Rebel NCIS
   Never Coming Back Again NCIS
   Female of the Species NCIS
   He's Dead, Jim NCIS
   Part of the Plan NCIS
   Games People Play NCIS
   Dreamer NCIS
   Your Wildest Dreams NCIS
   Hunter's Lullabye NCIS
   Elements NCIS
   I am a Child NCIS
   As Tears Go By NCIS
   Shelter from the Storm Criminal Minds
   Walk Thru the Nightside Criminal Minds
   Take It to the Limit Criminal Minds
   Angel Criminal Minds
by Gayle F & MVD
   Pinball Wizard Harry Potter
   The Pony Man Harry Potter
   Aquarius Harry Potter
   May You Always Harry Potter
   Helplessly Hoping Harry Potter
   Dreams Sherlock Holmes
   Broken-down Cowboy Sherlock Holmes
   Let's Make Some Memories Star Trek
   When I'm 64 Sherlock Holmes
   Wolfriders: The Hunt Sherlock Holmes
   Crossroads Star Trek
   The Long Run Sherlock Holmes
   Landslide Star Trek
   Sympathy for the Devil Forever Knight
   Coming Back to You Smallville
   Time After Time Lois and Clark
   Bring on the Wonder Smallville
500 Songs Made by Paul and I
   If It Be Your Will Mixed:
Harry Potter,
Lord of the Rings,
Alias, Blakes 7,
Starsky and Hutch,
Buffy, Forever Knight
   If It Be Your Will Gettysburg
   Superman Mixed Superman/Lois
Superman 1, 2, 5
Lois and Clark
   Forgiveness Smallville
   My Ghost Smallville
   White Flag Smallville
   Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) Forever Knight
   Hallelujah (John Cale) Buffy
   O Holy Night Smallville
   Auld Lang Syne Harry Potter
   Angels We Have Heard On High Star Trek (2009)
   I Just Can't Seem To Get It Right Today Smallville
Christmas Carols
   Doggy Jingle Bells Due South
   Good Christian Men Rejoice Cadfael
   Carol of the Bells Man from Uncle
   Hark the Herald Angels Sing Smallville
   First Noel Smallville
   Up on the Housetop Smallville
   I'll Be Home For Christmas Smallville
   In the Bleak Midwinter Smallville
   Song for a Winter's Night Smallville
   Silver Threads and Golden Needles Smallville
   Honesty Smallville
   Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Smallville
   I Dreamed a Dream Smallville
475 Songs Made by Paul and I
   I Will Remember You Star Trek
   Ghost Riders in the Sky Lord of the Rings
Non-Linear, Digital  (2005-2008)
Man from Uncle
   Secret Agent Man Man from Uncle
   Rock Me Gently Man from Uncle
   So Long, Mom Man from Uncle
   50 Ways Man from Uncle
   On the Road Again Man from Uncle
   Domino Man from Uncle
   Sister Golden Hair Man from Uncle
   Rescue Me Man from Uncle
   Looking for Love Man from Uncle
Christmas Carols
   What Child is This? Harry Potter Xmas
   May the Good Lord Harry Potter & Sirius
   Grandma Got Run Over Nero Wolfe Xmas
   Jingle Bell Rock Muncle Xmas
   Bless This House House Xmas
   Have a Holly, Jolly Xmas Boston Legal Xmas
   Gunslinger Boston Legal
Galaxy Quest
   We May Never Pass Galaxy Quest
   Trouble Galaxy Quest
Dr. Lazarus
   Very Last Day Galaxy Quest
   Puff the Magic Dragon Boston Legal
   So It Goes Boston Legal
   Another One Rides the Bus Harry Potter
   Dangling Conversation Computers
Harry Potter
450 Songs Made by Paul and I
   One Night in Bangkok Harry Potter
   Marrakesh Express Harry Potter
   Hard to be Humble Harry Potter
   Rhymes and Reasons Harry Potter
   Teach Your Children Harry Potter
   Me and Julio Harry Potter
   Joy to the World Harry Potter
Miami Vice
   Galveston Miami Vice
   Battle of New Orleans Miami Vice+
   Je Te Rechaufferai Miami Vice
   4 Father and Sons Mixed
Get Smart
   LY Get Smart
   Pollution Get Smart
   Old and Gray Miscellaneous
   Poisoning Pigeons Get Smart
   El Condor Pasa Get Smart
   Hard to Say Get Smart
   If You Want to Sing Out Get Smart
   If Not For You Get Smart
   Looking for Love Get Smart
   26 Miles Get Smart
   Part of the Plan Get Smart
   Secret Agent Man Get Smart
   Operator Get Smart
   Wichita Lineman Alias
425 Songs Made by Paul and I
   Brown-eyed Girl Alias
   Shelter from the Storm Alias
   Doesn't Matter Anymore Alias
   Who's Gonna Know Alias
   First Night Alone Alias
   Turn Away Alias
   One More Ride Alias
   It Turns Me Inside Out Star Trek
   Patterns Alias
   Trouble Alias
   Here She Comes Alias
   Song for the Asking Alias
   Kodachrome Alias
   If a Daughter You Have Alias
   Give Isaac the Nymph Starsky/Hutch
   When a Tender Maid Boston Legal
   I Could Never Lustre See Star Trek
   How Oft, Louisa Sherlock Holmes
   When Sable Night Forever Knight
   Could I Each Fault Remember Star Trek
   Rocky Mountain High Star Trek
   Had I a Heart Cadfael
   Keep the Customer Satisfied Cadfael
   Tho Cause for Suspicion Appears Professionals
   Flowers Never Bend Professionals
400 Songs Made by Paul and I
   Carefree Highway Professionals
   Anticipation Professionals
   Sure a Pair Professionals
   Baby Blue Professionals
   It Doesn't Matter Anymore Professionals
   Cloudy Professionals
   Cruel War Cadfael
   He's My Brother Cadfael
   Spirit in the Sky Cadfael
   Road to Find Out Cadfael
   Just When I Needed Hugh Most Cadfael
   Old Dope Peddler Cadfael
   Love is a Rose Cadfael
   Morning Has Broken Cadfael
   Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme Cadfael
   A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall House
   Bones House
   We Just Disagree House
   Same Auld Lang Syne House
   Auld Lang Syne Sherlock Holmes
   Joy to the World Lord of the Rings
   Rudolph Drank the Moonshine Starsky&Hutch
   Deck the Halls Mixed
   It's the Most Wonderful Time Due South
   Here Comes Santa Claus Mixed
   Good King Wenceslas Due South
   Healer's Hands House
   What About Love House
   Do You Hear What I Hear House
   It's Beginning to Look Like Xmas Quantum Leap
   Angels We Have Heard Boston Legal
   Midnight Confessions Boston Legal
   Lonely People Boston Legal
   Dock of the Bay Boston Legal
   Big Wheels in the Moonlight Starsky & Hutch
   Come And Get It Starsky & Hutch
   Be Prepared Starsky & Hutch
   Fight Fiercely Harvard Starsky & Hutch
   Temper of Revenge Starsky & Hutch
   Bridge Over Troubled Water Forever Knight
   We've Got Tonight Forever Knight
   Against the Wind Forever Knight
   King of the Road Forever Knight
   Reflections Forever Knight
   Father and Son Forever Knight
   It's a Heartache Forever Knight
   Ribbon of Darkness Forever Knight
   Forever Young Lord of the Rings
   Gettysburg Gettysburg
   Rest Stop Star Wars
   Amazing Grace Lord of the Rings
   Lover's Cross Buffy
   City of New Orleans Star Trek
   I've Got a Name Lord of the Rings
   Moon Shadow Lord of the Rings
   Torn Between Two Lovers Lord of the Rings
   Don't Fall in Love with a Dreamer Lord of the Rings
   Children of the Fall Lord of the Rings
   Tam's Song Lord of the Rings
   One Man Magical Show Lord of the Rings
   Shades of Shadow Lord of the Rings
   I Like Fighting Lord of the Rings
   Marching Orders Lord of the Rings
   All About Berries Lord of the Rings
   Survivor's Song 24 - Jack Bauer
   Strange Blood Lord of the Rings
   Fellowship Going South Lord of the Rings
   Games People Play Blakes 7
   Mockingbird Hill Hiram Holliday
   Great Pretender Hiram/Joel
   Traveling Man Hiram Holliday
   Dust in the Wind Forever Knight
   Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Forever Knight
   God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Professionals
Christmas Carol
Nat King Cole
   God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Professionals
Christmas Carol
Garth Brooks
   I Heard the Bells Star Trek
Longfellow's Civil War Carol
   Give Isaac the Nymph Weird Santa Postcards
   How Oft Louisa Antique Santa Postcards
   Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer Star Trek
   I'm Getting Nuttin' for Christmas Sherlock Holmes
   It Came Upon a Midnight Clear Forever Knight
   We Three Kings Star Trek
   Christmas Song Professionals
   I Did It My Way (Series) Star Trek
   I Did It My Way (Movies) Star Trek
   Birds and Squirrels Live
   So It Goes Watson2 Sherlock Holmes
Lord of the Rings
   Eye of the Tiger Lord of the Rings
   Everything I Do Lord of the Rings
   Long, Long Time Lord of the Rings
   Into the West Lord of the Rings
   We Belong Buffy
   Rest in Peace Buffy
   Rage On Buffy
   Against the Wind Buffy
   Running on Empty Buffy
   The Weight Buffy
Due South
   My Hot Rod Lincoln Due South
   Green Door Due South
   Sweet Baby James Due South
   Wild World Due South
300 Songs Made by Paul and I
   Diamonds and Rust Due South
   Alley Oop Due South
   Mama Told Me Due South
   Sundown Due South
   Father and Son Due South

SuperVHS, Panasonic 7750  (1993-2005)
Due South
   You're So Vain Due South
   Blue Alberta Skies Due South
   For What It's Worth Due South
   Heart of Gold Due South
   Masochism Tango Due South
   Eat It Due South
   Minstrel of the Dawn Due South
   A Dog Named Boo Due South
   The Dance Due South
   The River Due South
   Panama Red Due South
   Matter of Trust Due South
   Superman's Song Due South
   Hold On Due South
   Evening Falls Due South
   Dancing in the Dark Due South
   My Problem is You Due South
   Let the River Run Due South
   Staying Alive Due South
   Riu Riu Chiu Stained Glass
   An Old Fashioned Christmas Kaleidescope
   Con. Fatto Per La Notte Natale Birds
   Deck the Halls Wrentham shops
   God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Steve Grimes
   Hallelujah Chorus Stained Glass
   Bring a Torch Kaleidescope
   Here We Come A Wassailing Wrentham Town Center
   The First Noel Wrentham Town Center
   Oh, Come All Ye Faithful Stained Glass
   Rose E'er Blooming Kaleidescope
   Joy to the World Wrentham Lights
   Monster Mash Halloween scarecrows
   Up, Up and Away Hot air balloons
   Amazing Grace Old Cemetery
   Whenever I See Your Smiling Face Pumpkins
   God Lives on Terra Wrentham/STTNG
   Rose of Tralee Roses
   Trumpet Voluntary Solar Eclipse
   Mozart Quintet Stony Brook
   Chopin Etude Baby Birds
   Mozart Quartet Winter Birds
   Mozart Sonata Bathing Birds
At The Hop Concert Rennaisances .
Great Balls of Fire Concert Rennaisances .
The Twist Concert Rennaisances .
Miscellaneous - Guests
I'll Be Watching You Fugitive . By C. Parnes
Temper of Revenge Tombstone Julia Ecklar With C. Parnes
Shape of My Heart Tombstone Sting By C. Parnes
with MVD
Self-Control Forever Knight Laura Brannigan .
I Want To Know What Love Is King Fu Foreigner With V. Clark
Long and Winding Road King Fu Beatles With V. Clark
Forever Knight
   Terminus Est Forever Knight
   You Love The Thunder Forever Knight
   Lonely Stranger Forever Knight
   Only The Good Die Young Forever Knight
   Badlands Forever Knight

ED-Beta  (1989-1993)
   Song For My Mother Mother
   I Wonder Superman
   Do That To Me One More Time Lethal Weapon
   Both Sides Now Quantum Leap
   You've Got a Friend Sandbaggers
   Fire and Rain Sandbaggers
Quantum Leap
   Never Pass This Way Sam
   Question Sam
   He Ain't Heavy Sam&brothers
   Bridge Over Troubled Water Al&Sam
   Can't Help But Wonder Sam
   Turn, Turn, Turn Sam
   You're in My Heart Al/Sam
   Somewhere in the Night Al
   These Dreams Sam
Star Trek - Guests
   Total Eclipse of the Heart Kirk/Spock
by Caren Parnes
Sherlock Holmes
   When He Shines Sherlock Holmes
   Arbiter Sherlock Holmes
   So It Goes (Holmes POV) Sherlock Holmes
   So It Goes (Watson POV) Sherlock Holmes
Star Trek
   Leader of the Band Star Trek
Sherlock Holmes
   Call It a Loan Sherlock Holmes
   Road to Find Out Sherlock Holmes
   Search is Over Sherlock Holmes
   The Road Sherlock Holmes
   Follow Me Sherlock Holmes
   Boxer Sherlock Holmes
   Everything I Own Sherlock Holmes
   Everything I Do Sherlock Holmes
Miscellaneous - Guests
People Wendy's Mother Barbra Streisand By W. Kellogg w. MVD
Garden Song Tricia's Father Dave Mallett Camera by T. Deneault
Blake's 7 Ed-Beta Tape 1
   Fire Lake Blakes 7
   High Flying Adored Blakes 7
   Promised Land Blakes 7
   Holding Out for a Hero Blakes 7

1" IBM Research Music Videos  (1988-1993)
Trends in Computer Science Overview
Paper-like Interface Handwriting recognition
Digital Documents Paperless office
Magic Paper Conferencing pre-web
3-D 3-D Animation
David Data Audio Video Interactive
Almaden Almaden Research Lab
Zurich Constellations Modem Noise

Beta I HB, Betamax 1000s  (1986-1989)
Blake's 7 Tape 3
   Dust in the Wind Blakes 7
   She Don't Love Nobody Blakes 7
   Tell It All Blakes 7
200 Songs Made by Paul and I
   Comedy Tonight Blakes 7
   Taken In Blakes 7
   Against the Wind Blakes 7
   Put Your Hand Blakes 7
   One More Ride Blakes 7
   One Man Magical Show Blakes 7
   Back Home Once Again Blakes 7
   Old Dope Peddlar Blakes 7
   One Night in Bangkok Blakes 7
   Crimson and Crystal Blakes 7
   Masochism Tango Blakes 7
   Very Last Day Blakes 7
   Carousel of Love Blakes 7
   Arbiter Blakes 7
   Carwash Blues Blakes 7
   Weary World Blakes 7
Blake's 7 Slash Tape
   Against All Odds Blakes 7
   That's All Blakes 7
   Long Long Time Blakes 7
   Sometimes When We Touch Blakes 7
Blake's 7 Tape 2
   I Love Fighting Best Blakes 7
   Mungojerry Blakes 7
   Terminus Est Blakes 7
   Winston (Blake) Blakes 7
   Blowing in the Wind Blakes 7
   Be Prepared Blakes 7
   Another One Bites the Dust (Dayna) Blakes 7
   Long May You Run Blakes 7
   Matter of Trust Blakes 7
   Where I Want To Be Blakes 7
   Back Home Blakes 7
   All My Trials Blakes 7
   Fight Fiercely Harvard Blakes 7
   Suspicion Blakes 7
   Poisoning Pigeons Blakes 7
   Trouble Blakes 7
   Marvelous Toy Blakes 7
   Hotel California Blakes 7
Blake's 7 Tape 1
   We'll All Go Together Blakes 7
   Some Days are Diamonds Blakes 7
   Can't Fight This Feeling Blakes 7
   We Belong Blakes 7
   Unicorn Song Blakes 7
   This is the Time Blakes 7
   Another One Bites the Dust (Soolin) Blakes 7
   Different Drummer Blakes 7
   Hard to be Humble Blakes 7
   Sweet Survivor Blakes 7
   Follow Me Blakes 7
   Another One Bites the Dust (Tarrant) Blakes 7
   Survivor's Song Blakes 7
   Let's Make Some Memories Blakes 7
   Winter (Avon's Dream) Blakes 7
   She's Always a Woman To Me Blakes 7
Man from Uncle
   Eat It Man from Uncle
Starsky and Hutch
   Vatican Rag Humor
   Muskrat Love Humor S/H
   Leaves That Are Green Starsky
   My Old Yellow Car Hutch's car
   Keep on Loving You Starsky/Hutch
   Lasagna Food
   Take It On The Run Starsky/Hutch
My Father Grandfather Judy Collins .
Miami Vice
   24 Hour Love Switek/Zito
   After You Switek/Zito
   Hands of God gen
   People Got To Be Free Switek/Zito
   Love To See You Tonight Sonny/Rico
   Ready for the Times Castillo/..
   Temper of Revenge Switek/Zito
   Smut Mixed
   Wonderful Beauty and the Beast
   My Life STTNG
   Hard Day's Night Blakes' 7
   I Think I'm a Clone Now Mixed
   Fuzzy Characters Multimedia Trip
   Tapestry STTNG
   ?? Alayne Gelfand's Art
   Alone The Professionals
   The Way I Am The Professionals
   Send the Marines The Professionals
   Children of the Fall The Professionals
   Uptown Girl The Professionals
   Be Prepared The Professionals
   Gambler The Professionals
   Gus The Professionals
   When He Shines The Professionals
   On the Front Line The Professionals
If I Were a Rich Man Blake's 7 Fiddler on the Roof By K. Fong
Rivers Run Free Robin Hood . By DJ Driscoll
Desiderata Professionals . By DJ Driscoll
Too Long a Soldier Professionals . By DJ Driscoll
Rockin' Robin Robin Hood . By DJ Driscoll
Watching the Trains Go By Professionals . By DJ Driscoll
I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead Professionals Weird Al Yankovitch By DJ Driscoll
Professionals and Callan
   Six Words Long The Professionals
   Only the Strong Survive The Professionals
   Time Callan
   Waiting for a Friend The Professionals
   Song for Adam Callan
   Hunting Song The Professionals
   Running on Empty Callan
   Gravel on the Ground The Professionals
   All I Know Callan
Blakes 7
   Maids When You're Young Corries
With S. Hall,
J. Chien
Miscellaneous and Guests
Just The Way You Are Callan Billy Joel By C. Parnes
Sounds of Silence Beauty & the Beast Simon & Garfunkel By C. Parnes
Hurt So Good Beauty & the Beast John Cougar Mellancamp By C. Parnes
Paul Kosinski
   Bad, Bad Leroy Brown Star Wars
Jim Croce
by Paul Kosinski
   Hands of God Miami Vice
Julia Ecklar
by Paul Kosinski
   Holding Out For a Hero Raiders
Bonnie Tyler
by Paul Kosinski
Miscellaneous and Guests
. Hawaii Nightnoise By J. Van Deusen
Long Island Nights Caren Parnes Billy Joel .
. Almaden Research David Jameson .
Feeling Groovy Michael Kruskal Simon and Garfunkel Camera by V. Kruskal
100 Songs Made by Paul and I
Star Wars
   One Step Forward Star Wars
Beta I HB, Betamax 1000s  (1986-1989)
   Just As I Am Star Wars
   S. Fantastique Star Wars
   Space Battle Star Wars
   Alla Rustica Star Wars
Camera Videos
. Yorktown IBM Research . .
. Fan Friends Nightnoise .
. Train Trip to CA Nightnoise .
. Almaden Research Nightnoise .
Happy Trails Michael Kruskal V. & J. Kruskal Camera by V. Kruskal
I'm a Little Teapot Michael Kruskal V. Kruskal Camera by V. Kruskal
Star Trek
   You Needed Me Star Trek
   Grey Geese Star Trek
   Flowers Never Bend Star Trek
   Love's Been Hard On Me Star Trek
   Long, Long Way To Go Star Trek
   New Math Star Trek
   Between a Laugh and a Tear Star Trek
   Secondhand News Star Trek
   One World Star Trek
   Walk of Life Star Trek
   Holding Out For a Hero Star Trek
   You Always Knew Star Trek
   Proud To Be a Soldier Star Trek
   Wrath of Khan Star Trek      

VHS, RCA 800s  (1984-1986)
Star Trek
   Time for You To Go Star Trek
   Turns Me Inside Out Star Trek
   Wind Beneath My Wings Star Trek
   Memories (Kirk) Star Trek
   Way We Were Star Trek
   Home Again Star Trek
   I Feel the Earth Move Star Trek
   Country Road Star Trek
   Yellow Submarine Star Trek
   Rhymes and Reasons Star Trek
   Right Garden Star Trek
   Follow Me Star Trek
   Angel of the Morning Star Trek
   One Less Set of Footsteps Star Trek
   I'm Alright Star Trek
   Making Love Out of Nothing Star Trek
   Say I Love You in a Song Star Trek
   Vincent Star Trek
   Sounds of Silence Star Trek
   Looking Into You Star Trek
   White Rose Star Trek
   Through the Years Star Trek
   Flowers Never Bend Star Trek
   My Back Pages Star Trek
   Photographs and Memories Star Trek
   Gambler Star Trek
   No Man's Land Star Trek
   Sitting Star Trek
   Read Your Mind Star Trek
   Concerto Grosso #8 Star Trek      
   DC Worldcon Bid Mixed
   Factory Star Trek
   Small Town Star Trek      
   You Can't Make Love Star Trek      
   Doesn't Anyone Stay Together Star Trek
   Ride Across the River Star Trek
   Man's Too Strong Star Trek
   Captain's Lament Star Trek      
   Hero's Song Star Trek
   Survivor's Song Star Trek
   Space Hero Star Trek      
   He's Dead, Jim Star Trek      
   Another Time, Another Place Star Trek      
   Needs of the One Star Trek      
   Tribute To A Friend Star Trek      
   One Final Lesson Star Trek      
   Bones Star Trek      
   You Belong To The City Star Trek
   Memories (Spock) Star Trek      
   Stay the Night Star Trek      
   Canon Star Trek
   Manchild Lullabye Star Trek
   Desperado Star Trek
   She's Out of My Life Star Trek
   Last Time I Felt Like This Star Trek
   Bye, Bye Love Star Trek
   American Pie Star Trek
   Don't Be Cruel Star Trek
   Peace Train Star Trek
   Slipsliding Away Star Trek
   Best Side of Goodbye Star Trek      
   Brothers in Arms Star Trek      
   One More Night Star Trek      
   Here I Am Star Trek      
   All Out of Love Star Trek      
   Engineer's Hymn Star Trek      
   Iron Mistress Star Trek
   Captain's Lament Star Trek      
   The Rose  (Rand) Star Trek
   The Rose  (Kirk) (CMP) Star Trek
   Kiss Today Goodbye  (CMP) Star Trek
   Wind Beneath My Wings  (Funny) Star Trek Mixed Funny
Starsky and Hutch
   Wild World By B. Barr
   Two Fine People Starsky/Hutch
   Moonshadow Starsky&Hutch
   Oh Very Young Starsky&Hutch
   Father and Son Starsky&Hutch
   How Can I Tell You Starsky/Hutch
I got started after watching Pam Perry make Starsky/Hutch videos

Fun Activities for Christmas
Read the 1823 'Night Before Christmas' with Antique Illustrations
Watch a video of Antique Illustrations set to a recitation of 'Night Before Christmas'
Page Through Antique Illustrated Editions of Night Before Christmas
View Antique Santa Postcards
Watch CBS Good Morning America discussing the authorship conflict in 2000
Watch over 65 videos of Christmas carols set to TV shows
View Comic Book Versions of Henry's Poetry, illoed with antique postcards
Read the arguments made since 1899 about the authorship
Learn about Henry Livingston, the author of Night Before Christmas
Read 'The Mouse in Henry Livingston's House', a footnoted book about Henry
See the changes made to the reindeer names before Moore took credit
And after the fun, fall asleep to Clement Moore's Poetry
   Hopefully, the sugar plums of illustration from antique postcards will help.

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