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Non-Linear, Digital  (2015-)
   All I Need is a Miracle Blake's 7 Avon/Blake
   From Silver Lake The Hobbit Tauriel/Kili
   Song for Adam The Hobbit Bilbo and Thorin
   It's Not My Time Professionals Surviving
   Friend Like You Star Trek Spock & Kirk
   100 Years Star Trek Nimoy Memorial
   Love Decides Miscellaneous Mostly slash
   Let's Make Some Memories Dr Who Trying for the Stars
   My Old Friend Dr Who Sarah Jane and The Doctor
   I Think I'm a Clone Dr Who Clones and Regenerated Doctors
   Walk Thru the Nightside The Hobbit Bilbo's Fear and Courage
   Shadows of the Night The Hobbit Tauriel/Kili/Legolas
   Misty Mountains The Hobbit Memories of Gold
   Jurassic Park Dr Who Dinasaurs
   Dear Friend Dr Who Clara/Danny
   I Will Think of You Dr Who Doctor/River Song
   Anticipation Dr Who River Song/Doctor
   Forever Young Dr Who Regeneration
   White Flag Dr Who Doctor/Master slash
   Wherefore and Why Dr Who The Doctor and The Master
   Greensleeves Dr Who The Doctor and Elizabeth I
   These Boots Dr Who Where Life Takes You
   Undun Dr Who Travails of Companions
   Painted the Sky Dr Who Effects
   Just You and I Dr Who Relationships
   Voices Dr Who Inner Voices
   Solitary Man Dr Who Kisses
   Ruby Tuesday Dr Who Clara
   Heroes and Friends Dr Who Mixed Doctors
   Paths Will Cross Dr Who Intertwining
   Crossroads Dr Who Life changes
   All I Know Sherlock Mycroft & Sherlock
   Vincent Dr Who Vincent Van Gogh
   It's Not My Time Sherlock Surviving
   All About Berries Sherlock Boys' Night Out
   A Little Help Sherlock Sherlock/John
Non-Linear, Digital  (2010-)
   Don't Think Twice Sherlock John's anger at Mary
   Future Days Sherlock John/Mary
   Future Days Sherlock
   Be Still ST - 2013 Loss and comfort
   Stand My Ground ST - 2013 Kirk & Spock
   White is in the Winter Night Dr Who Mixed
   Greatest American Hero Dr Who Mixed Drs & Companions
   Carol of the Birds Dr Who Shakespeare Code (Tennant)
   Time After Time Dr Who Girl in the Fireplace (Tennant)
   Jingle Bells Dr Who A Christmas Carol (Smith)
   Simple Gifts Cadfael gentle
   Song for a Winter's Night Dr Who Rory/Amy (Smith)
   Little Town of Bethlehem Dr Who Matt Smith - Carol
   Angels in the Snow Dr Who David Tennant - Loss
   Last Shot Fired Mixed Loss
   Wait Castle Beckett/Castle
   Aquinas Loyalty Song Aquinas Class of 1962
   Santa's Coming - Kick Your Ass Harry Potter Voldemort & Harry
   Here We Come A-wassailing Lord of the Rings Drinking Carol
   O Come All Ye Faithful Sherlock Holmes Christmas
   Night Before Christmas NBC Vintage Illos
   Hallelujah Chorus Castle Xmas Castle
   Hallelujah Chorus Castle Xmas Castle
   Just One of Those Days Castle Castle/Beckett
   Auld Lang Syne 5 Aquinas Class of 1962
   Auld Lang Syne 4 Aquinas Lost Friends Sisters
   Auld Lang Syne 3 Aquinas Lost Friends Linden-Sieg
Auld Lang Syne 2 Aquinas Lost Friends Donovan-Langford
Auld Lang Syne 1 Aquinas Lost Friends Ahern-Cronin
Wild Horses Sherlock Holmes Watson/Holmes
Should've Been a Cowboy Sherlock Holmes Holmes and Watson
Be Still Sherlock Holmes Watson/Holmes
Masters of War Sherlock Holmes Holmes and Moriarity
As It Seems Sherlock Holmes Holmes/Watson
Time Callan Callan's Hunter
Song for Adam Callan Cross and Callan
Don Quixote Cadfael Cadfael
Rambling Man Star Trek 2009 Kirk
Song Inside My Head Sherlock Holmes Sherlock
Wherefore and Why Sherlock Holmes Sherlock
She's Always a Woman Sherlock Holmes Sherlock/Irene
I Believe in You Sherlock Holmes Watson/Holmes
Just Cant Get It Right Sherlock Holmes Holmes/Watson
One Toy Soldier Christmas carol JAG
Frosty Christmas carol Harry Potter
Wintersong Christmas carol JAG
Two Front Teeth Christmas carol Alias, Sherlock Holmes, NCIS LA, JAG, NCIS
For Unto Us a Child is Born Christmas carol Star Wars, Star Trek 2009, Star Trek
Ding Dong Merrily on High Christmas carol Harry Potter, Witness, Bones, NCIS, Star Trek, Man from Uncle
We Wish You A Merry Christmas NCIS Silent Night episode
Oh, Very Young Harry Potter Harry
Deathly Hallows 2
Puff, the Magic Dragon Harry Potter Harry & dragons
Deathly Hallows 2
Wild Place Harry Potter Hermione/Ron
Deathly Hallows 2
Time in a Bottle Harry Potter Snape/Lily
Deathly Hallows 2
O Come Emmanuel Harry Potter Sacrifice
Deathly Hallows 2
Universal Child Harry Potter Dumbledore & Harry
Mistletoe and Holly Harry Potter Christmas carol
Baby, It's Cold Outside Star Wars Han/Leia
Coventry Carolw Star Wars Anakin & Luke
See Amid the Winter's Snow Star Wars Luke
Hallelujah Star Wars Padme / Anakin & Obi Wan
The Saga Begins Star Wars Anakin (Vader)
Yoda Star Wars Luke & Yoda
Ruby Tuesday NCIS-LA Hetty
Let It Be NCIS-LA Callen & Hetty
Those Were the Days NCIS Ziva/Tony
The Escape Misc Escape from NY
Amish Paradise Misc Witness
At My Funeral NCIS Kate
If I Died Today Due South Benny
Proud NCIS Tony /& Gibbs
Doggy in the Window NCIS Doggies
Lean on Me NCIS Jethro & Mike
He's a Rebel NCIS Gibbs
Never Coming Back Again NCIS Gibbs/Fornell &
Female of the Species NCIS Ziva
He's Dead, Jim NCIS Ducky
Part of the Plan NCIS Tony
Games People Play NCIS Jenny/Gibbs
Dreamer NCIS Gibbs
Your Wildest Dreams NCIS Tony/Jeanne
Hunter's Lullabye NCIS Gibbs' Revenge
Elements NCIS Table of Elements
I am a Child NCIS Ziva
As Tears Go By NCIS Gibbs & Kelly
Shelter from the Storm Criminal Minds Caring
Walk Thru the Nightside Criminal Minds Hotch
Take It to the Limit Criminal Minds Reid/girls &
Angel Criminal Minds Spencer Reid
by Gayle F & MVD
Pinball Wizard Harry Potter Quiddich
The Pony Man Harry Potter Hagrid &
Magical Creatures
Aquarius Harry Potter gen
May You Always Harry Potter Harry
Helplessly Hoping Harry Potter Deathly Hallows
Dreams Sherlock Holmes Holmes/Watson
Broken-down Cowboy Sherlock Holmes Holmes/Watson
Let's Make Some Memories Star Trek Kirk & McCoy
  & Spock
When I'm 64 Sherlock Holmes Holmes/Watson
Wolfriders: The Hunt Sherlock Holmes Detecting
Crossroads Star Trek Spock/Kirk
The Long Run Sherlock Holmes Sherlock/John
Landslide Star Trek Spock
Sympathy for the Devil Forever Knight LaCroix
Coming Back to You Smallville Lionel/Martha
Time After Time Lois and Clark Lois/Clark
Bring on the Wonder Smallville Clark & Chloe
If It Be Your Will Mixed:
Harry Potter,
Lord of the Rings,
Alias, Blakes 7,
Starsky and Hutch,
Buffy, Forever Knight
If It Be Your Will Gettysburg Longstreet & Chamberlain
Superman Mixed Clark/Lois Superman 1, 2, 5
Lois and Clark
Forgiveness Smallville Lana/Lex
My Ghost Smallville Clark/Lex
White Flag Smallville Lex/Clark
  (Leonard Cohen)
Forever Knight Nick Knight
  (John Cale)
Buffy Spike/Buffy
O Holy Night Smallville Clark Kent
Auld Lang Syne Harry Potter Prof. Dumbledore
Angels We Have Heard On High Star Trek (2009) Captain Kirk
I Just Can't Seem To Get It Right
Smallville Oliver Queen
Doggy Jingle Bells Due South Dief
Good Christian Men Rejoice Cadfael Cadfael
Carol of the Bells Man from Uncle Christmas carol
Napoleon &
Hark the Herald Angels Sing Smallville Christmas carol
Clark Kent
First Noel Smallville Christmas carol
Meteor shower
Up on the Housetop Smallville Christmas carol
Clark et al
I'll Be Home For Christmas Smallville Christmas carol
Lex Luthor
In the Bleak Midwinter Smallville Chloe & Clark
Song for a Winter's Night Smallville Jonathan Kent
Silver Threads and Golden Needles Smallville Lana/Lex
Honesty Smallville Lex/Lana
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Smallville Lex Luthor
I Dreamed a Dream Smallville Lex Luthor
I Will Remember You Star Trek McCoy & Spock
Ghost Riders in the Sky Lord of the Rings Nasguls etc

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