Tom Lehrer Videos by Mary S. Van Deusen

New Math
Oedipus Rex
Be Prepared   91 MB Blakes 7 Vila
PAL format
Be Prepared   14 MB
Be Prepared   94 MB Professionals humor
'The Circuit'
Divx Video

Be Prepared   13 MB
Be Prepared   93 MB Starsky & Hutch humor
Be Prepared   13 MB
Fight Fiercely Harvard   88 MB Blakes 7 humor
Fight Fiercely Harvard   11 MB
Fight Fiercely Harvard   85 MB Starsky & Hutch humor
Fight Fiercely Harvard   12 MB
Hunting Song   81 MB Professionals humor
'The Circuit'
Divx Video

Hunting Song   11 MB
LY   141 MB Get Smart humor
LY   16 MB
Masochism Tango   177 MB Blakes 7 Avon & Vila
PAL format
Masochism Tango   26 MB
Masochism Tango   184 MB Due South humor
Masochism Tango   26 MB
New Math   188 MB Star Trek Spock
Archived by Final Frontier
New Math   25 MB
New Math - YouTube Farscape Wormholes
Oedipus Rex - YouTube Farscape John/Mother and Jothee/Chiana
Old and Gray   117 MB Mixed humor
Mostly slash
Old and Gray   15 MB
Old Dope Peddlar   96 MB Blakes 7 Shadow
Old Dope Peddlar   12 MB
Old Dope Peddlar   75 MB Cadfael Cadfael
Old Dope Peddlar   10 MB
Poisoning Pigeons   146 MB Blakes 7 Travis & Servalan
Poisoning Pigeons   19 MB
Poisoning Pigeons   137 MB Get Smart Max
Poisoning Pigeons   19 MB
Pollution   123 MB Get Smart humor
Pollution   16 MB
Proud to be a Soldier   179 MB Star Trek humor
Archived by Final Frontier
Proud to be a Soldier   26 MB
Send the Marines   69 MB Professionals humor
'The Circuit'
Divx Video

Send the Marines   9 MB
Smut   116 MB Mixed slash humor
Smut   21 MB
So Long Mom   94 MB Man from Uncle Ilya
So Long Mom   12 MB
Vatican Rag   89 MB Starsky & Hutch humor
Vatican Rag   12 MB
We'll All Go Together
  204 MB
Blakes 7 Apocalypse
PAL format
We'll All Go Together   30 MB

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