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The Way Back
Roj Blake is introduced to his rebel past by someone who had worked with him. Confused by the information that everything he remembers is created memory, Blake walks away to think, and then hides as federation troops arrive and kill the attendees at the rebel meeting. In an attempt to embarrass him with the movement, Blake is convicted as a child molestor and put on a prison ship to Cygnus Alpha, along with Jenna, a smuggler, and Villa, a thief.
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Space Fall
Scheming to take over the prison ship, Blake talks Avon, convicted of computer fraud, into helping him reprogram the ship's computer. But Blake wasn't expecting the coldbloodedness of the first mate, who begins killing prisoners until Blake gives up. When the prison ship crew try to salvage an abandoned spaceship that protects itself, they decide to send over expendable prisoners. But Blake, Avon and Jenna, a smuggler pilot, are able to escape in their new ship, Liberator.
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Cygnus Alpha
Now that he's free, Blake wants to free the other prisoners, and tries out the transporter system of their new ship. But once on the planet, Blake finds that the prisoners are terrified of a disease they are said to have gotten that is only kept at bay by a drug available on the planet. Only Gan, a murderer, and Vila, a thief, trust Blake enough to go with him. When the religious leader who controls the drug captures Blake and teleports up to the ship, they learn from him that the terminal disease is a ploy to keep the prisoners quiescent. Jenna teleports him into space for a really satisfying explosion.
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Time Squad
While Jenna and Gan investigate two frozen humanoids in a time capsule they've picked up, not a smart thing to do, Blake goes down to Saurian Major to attack a federation installation and discover Cally, a telepath and only survivor of a revolutionary group. She joins Blake, Avon and Vila in attacking the communication center, and joins the crew.
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The Web
In this episode you see the downside of having a telepath in the crew. Cally for the first, but not the last, time is taken over by some alien telepathic entity and brings the ship into a web from which they can't escape. Blake goes down to the planet to work something out with the controllers of the web, two genetically engineered people who are overseeing a genetic experiment. Unfortunately for their negotiations, the Decimas decide that this is the perfect time to revolt and rip apart the two people. So much for feeling sorry for the Decimas.
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They've got a ship and Blake is getting antsy to move against the federation, so they're going to invade a communications facility to steal a decoder, but in the melee, Cally gets captured. She's used as bait by Travis, a Space Commander who has pledged to Supreme Commander Servalan that he will capture Blake. She wants a nuisance out of the way. He wants the person who cost him an eye and a hand. Luckily for Cally, the Liberator transports her out, and Blake in, as an unwelcome surprise for Travis.
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Mission to Destiny
This is an attempt at a mystery/science fiction cross. Upon discovering a disabled ship, Blake, Avon and Cally find a sleeping crew and a dead body. The ship was transporting an invaluable agricultural drug. Blake offers to take it to the planet quickly, while Avon and Cally stay behind to solve the murder. This is Avon's first opportunity to punch out a woman.
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If you remember Arena in Star Trek, you pretty much know this episode. The Liberator is a sitting duck with low energy cells when it's found by Travis and a fleet of Federation ships. A battle commences which is stopped by godlike beings who place Travis and Blake in a forest to continue the fight on their own with primitive weapons, while the Liberator crew watches. Travis is helped by a mutoid and Blake by Jenna.
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Project Avalon
Blake rescues another revolutionary leader, Avalon, from Travis, but discovers that he's actually rescued an android who is carrying a ball containing a horrible plague, which Servalan has watched work with some clinical interest. Blake is able to discover the real Avalon and saves her, leaving the plague sphere to drop as he transports out. Travis makes a perfect catch and is reamed by the ungrateful Servalan.
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No wonder Gan is such a nice guy. He doesn't have a choice. Embedded in Gan's brain is a limiter which prevents violence. We find this out when the limiter malfunctions and the huge Gan goes crazy on the crew. When they finally get him under control, they bring in a Federation medical team that they force to operate on Gan. But the team has alerted the Federation and pursuit ships arrive just as the operation is over. The team teleports back to the station, which is accidentally destroyed by a phaser bolt.
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Blake and Cally try to convince the ex President of Lindor to go back to his planet to save it from federation domination. But Sarkoff is still depressed with having lost the election, and doesn't want to return to the frey. So Blake forces the issue. While he's coercing Sarkoff, Liberator is taken over by Jenna's old smuggling friends out to collect the bounty on Blake. Jenna appears to join them, but turns out to be looking for an opportunity to free her new friends.
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While searching for survivors of two rescue pods that landed on Cephlon, a highly radioactive planet, Jenna is lost. Avon, Vila and Gan go back to search for her, while Blake and Cally care for Ensor, the only survivor. But the ingrate pulls a blaster on Blake to force him to take him where he was going before Servalan's bomb exploded his ship - to bring badly needed medical supplies to his father. Avon, meanwhile, has been hailed as a god by a beautiful young woman, and fulfills her prophecies by setting off a rocket that carries the seeds of the almost extinct civilization.
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Intrigued to discover just what Orac is, and needing radiation pills to save his crew, Blake travels to Aristo to bring Ensor his medical supplies. But they've come too late, and Ensor dies, leaving the crew with Orac. When they turn Orac on, he shows them the future - Liberator exploding.
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Avon thinks they can thwart Orac's prediction by identifying the stars around the exploding ship and avoiding that part of space. Unfortunately for this good idea, Liberator is taken over by the creators of the ship, and is forced to a space station located at the location Avon was trying to avoid. The crew manages to escape with their ship, while Orac gets Liberator's sister ship to blow up, thus fulfilling his prophecy.
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Blake is ready to do business with a criminal mob called the Terra Nostra, which runs the drug shadow, in order to have help infiltrating his revolution onto Earth. Blake attempts to gain control of moon disks, the source of shadow, to get leverage over the Terra Nostra, but the presence of the slightly telepathic moon disks gives Cally enough strength to allow her to fight the alien intelligence (one more time) that is trying to take over her and Orac.
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Servalan and Travis are working with the Clone Mistress to create a clone Blake for a new plot of Servalan's. Travis just likes getting to shoot a clone Blake. Servalan needs the clone to trick an escaped scientist into giving up his stolen weapon. Impac can mark a person and then blow them up at any time across huge distances. The scientist gives up his weapon to the clone, who immediately gives it to Servalan and Travis. Servalan marks Blake when he arrives and expects the fun of blowing him up, but the clone and the slave girl take back the weapon and mark Servalan, too, warning her to keep far away from them. Well, at least one version of Blake isn't going to be lonely anymore.
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Blake and Jenna are captured on Horizon and sent to work in the mines. Gan and Vila go down to help but also get captured. Cally also goes down but is also captured, This is Avon's opportunity to do what he always says he wants to do - leave. But, instead, he goes down to save his friends. Blake convinces the young king that the federation, in the presence of the Kommissar, played by William Squires, who plays the spymaster on Callan, has killed his father and is not a benevolent force. Ro kills the Kommissar, taking the first step toward freeing his planet from the federation.
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Pressure Point
Blake is obsessed with trying to take out Central Control, the computer that runs the federation's computer network, and talks the crew into attacking the heavily guarded and secret installation with help from Kasabi, not realizing the revolutionary has been killed and her daughter turned to save the mother she thinks is still alive. They make it through a mine field and dash into what turns out to be an empty room. As Blake sinks catatonically to his knees, Avon holds him and the trap closes. Travis appears but before he can kill Blake, Jenna arrives with the captured Servalan, who forces Travis to let Blake go to save her own life. In the escape, Gan is killed.
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The crew now realizes that they aren't invincible. Blake transports down to an uninhabited planet, telling Orac to tell the crew if they ask. They do, though Avon thinks it's a ploy for sympathy. The rest take Blake at his word that they can leave if they want, but they decide instead to get Blake back. Rather than being uninhabited, it turns out that the whole planet is alive and eats the creatures that live on the surface. Blake tries to save Zil, one of the short-lived, bird-like creatures, but fails. Just before Blake would get absorbed himself, he's beamed up by Avon's automatic transport search pattern.

Travis, meanwhile, has been put on trial by Servalan to save her own neck after their last failure. Travis is about to be sentenced to death when Liberator attacks the space station, giving him an opportunity to escape.

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Blake sends Avon and Vila down to steal a communication crystal, and Avon finds an old friend he blackmails into helping. Consistent with his history, Avon is once more betrayed, as Tynus sends word to the federation that Liberator is here. But Liberator isn't the only ship in the area. The station has just recovered a 700 year old ship that Cally recognizes as a plague ship. Blake warns the station but an autopsy releases the plague and the crew listens to the last transmissions from the men they know are dying.
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Travis has captured Blake's cousin Inga and uses her to bring Blake. Travis explains he wants to join Blake now that he's on the run, but Blake doesn't believe him, with good reason. What Travis is after is the Liberator, and he's turned Blake's uncle to help by threatening Blake's cousin. After Blake teleports down to save Inga, Avon announces, to everyone's shock, that he's going down to help. Turns out he's sent word to Servalan to get her to do in Travis before they arrive, thinking that would save Blake from the danger. Travis wins from Vila the information on how to use the teleport, and his henchman teleports up, only to be tricked and teleported into space by Jenna, giving yet another wonderful explosion.
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Blake comes to Albian to find Space Major Provine who supposedly knows the real location of Central Control, now called Star One. But the bomb that kept Albian's population under control has been triggered, and it's up to Avon to help defuse the bomb. But the person he has to work with is the brother of Avon's dead lover, Anna Grant. The brother blames Avon for having left his sister behind to be tortured and killed. While they attempt to defuse the bomb, Avon explains that they were betrayed, and that he was unconscious and couldn't do anything for Anna. Blake is fascinating in this episode, watching Avon and Grant very closely and, when it looks like the bomb will go off, staying on the planet and trusting Avon to defuse it.
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Voice from the Past
Blake suddenly and secretly changes their destination from a rest planet to an abandoned mining asteroid. The crew discover that he's being controlled by a trigger put into his mind during the memory rebuilding. They try to restrain him, but Blake talks Vila into freeing him and teleports down to the asteroid, where he finds a group of revolutionaries who want him to come with them to become the head of the revolution. But unknown to them, the badly injured rebel is actually Travis, and the meeting they're attending has been canceled by Servalan, who was setting them up.
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Blake is still after the location of Star One and teleports with Cally and Jenna to Freedom City looking for the doctor who wiped the mind of the man who knew its location, hoping the doctor knows that information. Following the same chain of hints that Blake is following, Travis has gotten to Docholli first and is waiting for Blake. Meanwhile, Vila and Avon have gone to the casino to see if they can break the bank using a miniaturized Orac. They can.
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According to Docholli, the brain print of the doctor whose mind he didn't wipe, is on the back of an amulet on Goth, so that's where Blake goes next. But the amulet is in the possession of the royal family, and so soon are Blake's crew. Jenna ends up engaged to Gola, the Chief, and Vila ends up as the court jester. When Blake finally discovers the amulet is in the possession of the imprisoned king, Gola's father, it's already too late as Travis has gotten there first. But something the king says before he dies sets off an implanted memory in the old court jester, who tells them the location of Star One.
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Star One
Liberator is finally on its way to destroy Star One. Blake is challenged with the fact that the computer controls weather and a myrid of other functions that will cause many to die if he destroys it. But Blake can't face reason. He's been searching too long to find it and he needs to prove that he was right - that all their sacrifices have not been in vain. But what they find at the computer center is a group of aliens masquerading as humans, and Travis arriving for the final act - the lifting of the defense zone to allow in an alien invasion. Travis injures Blake, and Avon kills Travis, but now Blake realizes they need to defuse their bombs because society will need the computer center to fight the aliens. Jenna has seen the invasion fleet and comes to the same decision - telling Servalan about the aliens. The injured Blake now lays the responsibility on Avon to fight the alien fleet until the federation's fleet has time to get there.
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Liberator has been badly damaged in the battle with the alien fleet, and it's necessary for the crew to abandon ship so that Liberator is able to use all its energies for repair. Each individual rescue pod goes its own way. Avon lands on Sarran, and finds himself in trouble with the natives until saved by a lovely young woman, Dayna Mellanby. Dayna came as a baby with her father, a scientist who left the Federation. Servalan travels to the battlefield to encourage her troops, but her ship is damaged and also crashes onto Sarran. She recognizes Hal Mellanby by reputation and kills him. Her intention is to steal Liberator from Avon when it comes to pick him up, but he is able to escape with Dayna and Orac.
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When Avon and Dayna are teleported to Liberator, they discover that it has been boarded by a Federation crew led by Captain Del Tarrant. Liberator won't respond to their commands, and they want to find out of it will respond to Avon or Dayna, but a happy fight leaves them unconscious, and they escape before they can be tested. While they're playing hide and seek, some of Tarrant's men are murdered. The ship, meanwhile, is going to pick up Vila and Cally from a hospital ship, and they are teleported just before they would have been been turned into spare human parts. Jenna and Blake both survived their escapes in their capsules, but the trail to them is lost. The murderer of the Federation crew turns out to be Tarrant, himself, who was no longer in the Federation service, but whose ship was lost in the first battle with the alien fleet. He and Dayna join Avon as members of the Liberator crew.
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Avon is following the rumors of Blake being seen on Obsidian, a planet ruled by a friend of Dayna's father, but they discover the rumor to be false, and their presence is betrayed to Servalan. They're hoping to discover a planet that can serve as a base, but Obsidian is a planet of peace protected by its intention to blow itself up if they would be invaded. They are. And they do.
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Dawn of the Gods
The crew gets taken on a ride when Orac becomes curious about a black hole with interesting characteristics. What's on the other side is a strange Bermuda triangle of sucked in ships, that is ruled by the Thaarn, a figure of childhood stories from Cally's planet of Auron. He wants her to stay with him so that he won't be alone. She tricks him and they are able to escape.
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The Harvest of Kairos
Servalan is still determined to capture Liberator, since she is now in need of such an advanced technology, the alien invasion having been so destructive of the Federation's might. But a laborer, Jarvis, brags that he could capture the ship with 3 pursuit ships. Jarvis is actually Tarrant's former captain, but he's left the service and is self-confident enough to interest Servalan. She gives him the ships, and he does capture Liberator, but when she would kill Dayna, Jarvis gets in the way and is, himself, killed. Avon gets Liberator back by using a strange rock that has the property of seeming to be whatever the observor is, just better. Servalan believes she's being attacked by a ship more powerful than Liberator, and teleports off.
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City at the Edge of the World
Liberator is in need of energy crystals, and Tarrant bullies Vila into using his skills to open a vault, as a trade for the needed crystals. But rather than being wanted by the innocuous inhabitants of the planet, Vila's skills are actually wanted by the outlaw Bayban, who leaves his lovely assistant, Kerril, to watch Vila. Vila manages to open the vault into a doorway into a beautiful planet. This was what the people were waiting for, and the whole population troops through the doorway. Kerril has fallen in love with Vila, and asks him to leave Liberator and go into the world with her, but he chooses to return to his crewmates with the crystals, and the doorway is accidentally closed by Bayben's weaponry This is the end of Tarrant's implicit takeover of command. Thank goodness.
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Children of Auron
With Avon back with a vengance, that's exactly the first thing Avon wants - vengeance. The crew agrees to help him punish the man who killed the woman Avon loved. Even when an emergency comes up for Cally on her home planet, Avon is ready to run roughshod over her to singlemindedly exact his revenge. But the crew has more sense and they detour for Cally. Servalan has let loose a disease which is attacking the entire planet, and shows up with the cure. What she wants as a show of their gratitude is the Auron cloning technology to make Servalan clones to be the basis of her future army. When Liberator arrives, Servalan attempts to kill them, and an officer on her ship lies and says that the clones in the building in which Avon and his friends are hiding are not really her clones, but those of his rival commander. Servalan agrees to destroy the building, from which Avon and his people have gone. As it blows up, Servalan feels her children die. The next one to die is the officer who gave her the bad information.
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Rumours of Death
And now they're free to let Avon find Federation torturer Shrinker. How does Avon find Shrinker? He lets himself be captured, and tortured, knowing that eventually he will be tortured by Shrinker. This is determination. When he does find Shrinker, the destiny he's set for him is one of long suffering. He maroons Shrinker in cave from which there's no escape without teleportation, to suffer till he dies. The only escape Avon offers is a gun. Tales of Search for Spock and the Genesis planet!

But it's a sad vengeance because Avon discovers that Anna is still alive, and that she was a Federation agent. Anna raises her gun and so Avon kills the woman he loves. He could use some work on impulse control, but perhaps he felt he had no choice. His response to having killed her, though, is interesting. He becomes suicidal. Avon removes his teleport bracelet and just stays by the body. Servalan intends to kill Avon, but thinks she'll make the crew suffer and tells him to put back on the bracelet. She'll send the crew a dead man. Turns out her timing is a little off, and Avon escapes. But only from her, not from himself. After this, he's even harder.

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This is the first episode written by the science fiction writer Tanith Lee. Cally is yet again taken over by an alien but this one is a long-dead one that is taking Cally's lifeforce to create a body in Cally's image. She wants the crew to be her attendants, but Avon has no intention of being a pet and challenges her to kill him trusting that the part of her that is still Cally will be unable to do so. He kisses the alien to distract her, while stealing her ring and destroys it, sending the alien back into death, and saving Cally. Truly one of the most beautiful of the episodes.
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Liberator comes upon an artificial planet, whose lifeforms seem to be within it rather than on the surface. For some unexplained reason, Cally teleports herself down and is captured by the Ultras, who are collecting all information for their giant computer brain. The crew teleport down to save her, but get caught themselves. Cally and Avon have their minds transferred into cylinders, and are only saved by Tarrant and Dayna getting the cylinders to replace their memories. The planet turns out to be one giant computer. But when the computer tried to pull information from Liberator, they discover completely random and illogical thoughts from Vila, who is busy teaching riddles to Orac. The brain explodes, and the crew is able to gain access to their ship, which has been locked into the planet. They get it loose and away before the brain distroys the entire planet.
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Servalan has been lured to Sardos because the Federation deserters on the planet want to use their matter replicators on her spaceship to create a fleet of ships for themselves. Liberator has been following Servalan until she disappears behind the energy barrier. It's also stopping teleporting, so Vila and Tarrant teleport into a troop transport that is passing them. Vila appears in the troop area and makes a friend who is a lot nicer to him than Tarrant has been lately. But with Avon and Dayna finally succeeding in teleporting down, Vila ends up freeing his friends, unfortunately including Tarrant, and Vila's friend is killed. Their ship is almost lost to the creature that controls the planet, but the teleport brings only the organic part of the creature, not its life support system. Talk about getting yuck on your floor!
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Death Watch
The crew takes advantage of a truce connected with a duel between champions to determine an argument between planets. It's a party atmosphere until it turns out that one of the combatants is Tarrant's brother. Observors of the duel get to wear disks on their forehead that can connect to either one of the champions so that they see everything they see. Tarrant wears a disk for his brother and feels him die, killed by a champion who seems more than human. Tarrant wants revenge and Avon helps him get it by challenging the winner, who is actually an android.
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The crew are disturbed because Avon has locked them off the bridge and they have no idea where they're going. Avon refuses to tell them anything. He's following some directions and has a time limit to reach wherever it is he's taking them. A cloud of unknown composition stands in the way and the crew, now able to talk to Avon, tells him to go around it, but Avon refuses. The delay that would cause would be too long, though he still won't tell the crew why. Tarrant pushes and gets a gun in the gut for his trouble. When they finally reach Avon's goal, it turns out to be the planet Terminal. Avon informs them that they are not to follow him down, but to leave if he doesn't call in at a given time.

This is Avon at his confusing best. And there's no Blake on board to understand his meaning rather than his words. Yes, Avon would kill even his friends to find Blake, but he would give up any chance of his own to be rescued to save them. Menance and self-sacrifice - all at the same time. Avon teleports down, followed soon, of course, by his curious and disobedient crewmates.

Avon follows a direction finder to a glass building and enters. He's attacked and, when he wakes up, finds Blake attached to life support. This is what he's been after all this year. He's now found Blake. But Blake says he can't be disconnected and that Avon has to wait, but he says he'll tell Avon about a treasure. Here we have another confusion. Blake would know what makes Avon run, and it's not treasure, much as he loves gold. But this Blake acts as if that would be Avon's prime motivation. They've been apart a year now. Can it be that Blake seriously doesn't remember how to manipulate Avon? He would never have used that ploy when they were on the ship together. Giving Avon his trust was much more in Blake's style of manipulation. But if Blake talks treasure, Avon is perfectly willing to play his part in their charades.

Avon leaves, but is captured and brought before Servalan. She explains that she wants Liberator and he wants Blake. She suggests a trade. Avon refuses. Here again we have a conflict between Avon being willing to kill the crew if they stop him from reaching Blake, and being willing to sacrifice Blake to save them. But that may be calculation of long term self-interest for himself and Blake, since he has a better chance to get away with people free to come after them, as he knows they've done before.

But those calculations come to nothing when Tarrant and Dayna arrive. Avon still won't give up Vila and the ship, their only hope of escape, but Tarrant does. Avon is furious. But Tarrant had an ulterior motive that Avon doesn't know - the ship is being destroyed from the cloud Avon flew it through, and Zen is already dead. Now that Servalan has the ship, she tells Avon that she's tricked him. She knew that he would come here to find Blake, so she gave him a dream in which he talked to Blake. But Blake died and she saw him cremated. As she speaks, you watch Avon's face. He's completely destroyed. Servalan transports up and Vila transports down with his "sculpture", Orac. One more for Vila! Servalan takes off and the ship blows up, Servalan transporting out just before the breakup.

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With Liberator destroyed, the crew needs to find a way off Terminal. Servalan's ship turns out to be rigged with explosives, as does the base they had been in. But when the base explodes, Cally is caught inside and dies, her telepathic scream of "Blake" echoing as her death cry. The crew discover that there is a small ship on the planet and they force its owner, Dorian, to fly them off the planet. But once in space, the ship takes an automatic course to Dorian's base on Zenon, where Dorian's beautiful associate Soolin is waiting to welcome them. She unloads their guns while they're changing, and Dorian explains that he's planning to use the group, Soolin included, as a gestalt to replace the dying creature in the basement who keeps him alive. Vila comes thru with a working gun, and Avon kills the creature, thereby killing Dorian.
A spaceship in a hanger isn't much good if you can't get it out, and the door is too good for even Vila. The crew looks for another way off thesome planet. On the surface they discover warring tribes of men versus women. The women, embued only with telekenesis and nifty gadgets, are down to the last three women, and they would like to get Dorian's ship for themselves to get off the planet. Obviously, cooperation wasn't part of their survival skills, since they don't try to work with Avon. Avon decides it wouldn't be a good idea if the hanger door opened just yet and instructs Orac to slow down the effort. Orac notes that the crystals the leader of the women is wearing would be just the thing for a working transporter. Avon kills the leader and transports up the crew, joined by Soolin who decides she'd rather continue her career as assassin with them rather than with the friendly natives.
Another planet, Helotix, looks like it might be joining the Federation. Avon, now taking over Blake's role as revolutionary, feels they need to talk to the local rebel leader, and sends down Tarrant and Dayna. Hunda explains that there's a new pacifying drug being used. Avon, meanwhile, wants to upgrade Scorpio, the battered heap that's taken the place of their lovely Liberator, and asks Orac to work on redesigning the drive. Feeling that such mundane work is beneath him, Orac assigns the problem to the planet computers, thus setting up a link that is noticed by the Federation. When Tarrant and Dayna return, they tell Avon that they've seen Servalan, who apparently didn't die in the explosion of Liberator, but is now under the guise of Commissioner Sleer.
Avon has made a high level miscalculation when he tries to hide Scorpio behind an asteroid. The ship is badly damaged and just as it looks like they'l fall prey to three Federation ships, the ships blow up. On examining the explosions, they discover a small spacecraft flying at unbelievable speeds. Orac explains that Dr. Plaxton must have finished her stardrive work. Since this is just what Avon wants, he decides to go to the base of the Space Rats, a violent gang that has kidnapped Paxton to give them the drive for their speed need. The crew rescues Dr. Paxton, who immediately begins to install the drive on Scorpio. But the ship is coming under attack and there's no time to get Dr. Paxton out of the engine chamber and get Scorpio clear, so Avon cuts in the just completed drive, killing Dr. Paxton. This gets one of Avon's teeth-clenched smiles.
Every series has at least one Spock's Brain, and this is one of Blake 7's. Dayna and Tarrant go to Bucol2 in response to a message Dayna receives from her former tutor and lover. This scientist has been doing genetic experiments on animals to produce an intelligent animal that is resistent to radiation. Og, one of Justin's experiments that can understand language, has escaped and Justin needs help getting him back. But enter Servalan, who has gotten curious about why such an advanced little ship is on the planet. She goes to a lot of trouble to brainwash Dayna, rather than kill her, and Dayna ends up hating Justin. Then they brainwash Dayna AGAIN and now she loves Justin again just as Servalan kills him, and by accident, Og. Don't say you weren't warned.
Tarrant and Vila are sent by Avon to Pharos to pick up an android made by Mueller, a student of the inventor of Orac, Ensor. When they show up, however, they find a dead guard and a box that is making Mueller very upset. When Mueller attacks them, Vila hits him over the head, killing him. This is not going to please Avon. Attempts to resusitate Mueller fail and he's put into a cryogenic chamber. Back on Xenon base, Avon is trying to comfort Mueller's companion, Vena. When she and Avon teleport to the ship to see the body, it's gone. Suddenly Mueller appears, apparently alive, back on the base. But he's still not too rational as he kills Vena, revealing to the crew that this is the androis, not Mueller. Apparently the android disguised himself by putting Mueller's head on his own body. Yuck. What it wants is Orac, with the intention of taking over the world. Soolin therefore hides Orac. Vila, meanwhile, has opened the box that bothered the android and discovered the real android head that the android took off to put on Mueller's. The android head has limiters that would control it if they could only stick it back on. Avon has a plan. They lure the headless android to a metal bridge tht they zap with heavy energy. Avon attempts to put the head back on the android but is zapped by a release of energy. Dayna then blows the bridge, destroying the android, and really getting Avon mad.
Servalan decides to subcontract out killing Avon and the crew, and hires Cancer, an assassin. The hit is supposd to take place on Domo, a planet full of pirates who capture spaceship passengers and sell them into slavery. Avon did so well by having himself captured and tortured to find Anna's killer, that he decides to try the tactic again and has himself captured for sale. Servalan thinks this might be one good slave to buy. But Avon escapes and follows a black ship containing a slave Servalan had previously bought that the crew thinks must be Cancer. They teleport on board and discover a slave girl and a dead man, who they assume is Cancer. But it turns out the guy was bait and the girl is Cancer. Everything clear? Cancer catches Avon and puts a deadly crab on his chest, but is foiled by Tarrant and Soolin.
Attracted by the idea of limitless energy from feldon crystals, Avon comes to the mining planet Mecron II. But the man in charge of mining the crystal for the federation has been skimming crystals and stashing his take on an ore freighter. Complicating the crew's problem is Belkov's addiction to gaming. The computer that runs the complex, Gambit, makes you play games for anything, including the defense systems. Vila is dispatched to open up the computer and find out how the defense mechanisms work, and overhears Belkov's plan to have his gaming computer friend blow up. This gives him an in with Gambit, who lets Vila disconnect some of his parts. The crew enter the ore freighter and play its games, but discover the last game involves a black hole that will destroy everything. Avon uses feldon crystals to get them out of the vicinity before things go boom, but it turns out that all they've found are fakes, even the feldon crystal necklace Vila has stolen.
They're still after energy, and this time the Scorpio crew and Servalan decide to visit Virn, where a Federation crew died after reporting a new energy source. Servalan's ship crashes and she escapes onto the planet surface. The planet is covered with a shifting sand, which kills one of her crew. The Scorpio crew doesn't do much better. Dayna is injured and is teleported back to the ship, while Tarrant stays. He makes a truce with Servalan and they break into the installation, where they find the still warm body of the research head, Don Keller, who was Servalan's first lover. She's greatly affected and Tarrant is softened by her anguish. They make love. Meanwhile, on the ship, Avon has figured out that the sand is sentient and that the small amount of sand teleported up with Dayna and Vila is making Villa ill because the sand wants a harem of women and one dominant male for breeding purposes. Avon recognizes that HE is the dominant male, so Vila is being eliminated. Tarrant has figured the same thing out, and accidentally discovered that water destroys the sand. This information lets Avon start a rainstorm from space that lets them escape the installation. But when Tarrant lets Servalan escape, Avon is infuriated.
Avon is contacted by one of his old friends who wants help pulling off a gold theft. Avon should have been immediately suspicious as he doesn't have a lot of luck with old friends. Keiller is the purser on a luxury line that he claims is actually a gold transport. To safeguard the gold, it's preprocessed to make it a a worthless black substance. Keiller believes he can thward the preprocessing so that they're actually carrying gold. Avon goes along with the plan, which involves Dayna and Tarrant traveling as passengers and Dayna becoming too ill to continue. Vila will ride Scorpio to the rescue and offer to take her back to a medical facility. All works out as planned and the gold goes out on the stretcher with Dayna. But it turns out that Keiller was planning to sell the gold to Servalan. Avon continues with the plan and is paid by Servalan in Zerokian money. On the way back, Orac informs them that Zerok has been taken over by the Federation and the money is now worthless. So they have no money and Servalan has the gold.
Invited by Egrorian, a Federation runaway scientist, to trade Orac for the tachyon funnel, an ultimate weapon, Avon and Villa arrive at Egroran's base to evaluate the weapon. Each side is out to cheat the other, with Servalan in the background, hoping to obtain both for herself. Avon leaves behind a fake Orac, and Egrorian sabotages the shuttle in which Avon and Vila are traveling. The shuttle is spiraling down toward the planet and Avon starts stripping the shuttle of weight in an attempt to stop the downward drift. At last there's nothing left onboard but the two of them and the weapon. Orac explains that they are still 70 kilos too heavy, and that Vila weighs 73 kilos. As Avon calls, "Here, kitty, kitty." Vila huddles in a locker. Their relationship will never be the same again, and Avon has lost his last friend.
Avon is taking on Blake's position as lead revolutionary when he calls a meeting of warring revolutionary leaders to try to create an anti-pacification drug to stop one of the main Federation tactics. But Zukon is under the control of Servalan and detonates a bomb that destroys part of the Xenon base, and also lets loose a virus that kills Zukon's daughter, who has fallen in love with Tarrant.
With the destroyed Zenon base behind them, Avon believes that he has finally found real clues to Blake's existence on Guada Prime. The crew teleports down, leaving the very brave Tarrant to attempt to crash land Scorpio, a very dramatic sequence. Tarrant is found by a bounty hunter, who turns him in for the reward. So when Avon finally comes upon the bounty hunter, recognizing Blake, he is told by Tarrant that Blake has betrayed them. Avon brings up his gun and warns Blake to stand still. But Blake is certain he knows his Avon and ignores the gun. Bad mistake. Two years of increasing insanity has created a very different person than the one Blake left behind. Avon shoots Blake, and only realizes from Blake's dying words that it wasn't a trap, but a test. Clear Avon failed. So again Avon has killed someone he loves, only this time he knows he was wrong. As is his habit, Avon simply goes catatonic. Around him a trap closes and one by one his crew is shot and killed. As the troopers surround Avon, he finally looks up from Blake's body and realizes the situation. He straddles Blake's body and slowly raises his gun, then smiles that teeth-clenched smile that chills the blood. And over credits you hear the sound of gunshots.

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