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Alias Music Videos
Alias Characters X
Here She Comes  MPG - 184MB Sydney
Blakes 7 Music Videos
Episode Guide    Outfits    Characters    Script Fragments

Don't know Blakes 7 but like relationship shows?
Illustrated script fragments give you just relationship highlights.

Against All Odds  MPG - 203MB Blake/Avon
Boston Legal Music Videos
Dock of the Bay  MPG - 162MB Denny&Alan
Gunslinger  MPG - 223MB Denny
Lonely People  MPG - 140MB Denny
Midnight Confessions  MPG - 181MB Denny/Alan
Puff the Magic Dragon  MPG - 237 MB Denny&Alan
So It Goes  MPG - 242 MB Denny/Alan
When a Tender Maid  MPG - 87MB Denny/Alan
Buffy Music Videos
Rage On  MPG - 307MB Spike/Buffy
Cadfael Music Videos
Cadfael Characters X
Just When I Needed Hugh Most  MPG - 253MB Cadfael/Hugh
Morning Has Broken  MPG - 201MB Cadfael discovers his son
Dialog between Cadfael & Oliver
Scarborough Fair  MPG - 202MB Cadfael
Camera Music Videos

Christmas Music Videos
Christmas videos appear in early December X
Music Videos and Computer Projects
From my 10 years at IBM Research in computer languages and multimedia
and my time after that with InterMedia Enterprises
Dangling Conversation  MPG - 179MB InterMedia speech videos
Duenna Music Videos
Duenna Musical Comedy - Aft 1775
How Oft, Dear Watson  MPG - 144MB Holmes&Watson
Due South Music Videos
Alley Oop  MPG - 184MB Benny
Hot Rod Lincoln  MPG - 180MB Ray1
Let the River Run  MPG - 217MB Benny
Ride Forever  MPG - 269MB Mounties
Sundown  MPG - 240MB Benny
Superman's Song  MPG - 290MB Benny
The River  MPG - 216MB Benny
Forever Knight Music Videos
X Forever Knight Characters          Making a Music Video X
It's a Heartache  MPG - 144MB LaCroix/Nick
Get Smart Music Videos
XGet Smart CharactersX
Looking for Love  MPG - 232MB Max/Hymie
LY  MPG - 141MB gen humor
Pollution  MPG - 123MB gen humor
Secret Agent Man  MPG - 190MB Max
Harry Potter Videos
Another One Rides the Bus  MPG - 129MB Night Bus
Hard to be Humble  MPG - 207MB Prof. Lockhart
Joy to the World  MPG - 170MB Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville
Marrakesh Express  MPG - 158MB Hogwarts Express
Me and Julio  MPG - 177MB Harry and Ron
One Night in Bangkok  MPG - 206MB gen
Rhymes and Reasons  MPG - 218MB Prof. Snape
Teach Your Children  MPG - 197MB gen
What Child is This?  MPG - 230MB Xmas
House Music Videos
What About Love  MPG - 189MB House/Wilson
Lord of the Rings Music Videos
Characters    Legolas-Gimli Quotes    Poetry    Mirkwood X
Into the West  MPG - 280MB gen
Marching Orders  MPG - 112MB gen
Tam's Song  MPG - 213MB Aragorn&Legolas
Man from Uncle Music Videos
50 Ways  MPG - 218MB Napoleon
Domino  MPG - 211MB Man from Uncle
Eat It  MPG - 88MB Man from Uncle
Looking for Love  MPG - 237MB Man from Uncle slash
On the Road Again  MPG - 151MB Man from Uncle
Rescue Me  MPG - 182MB Man from Uncle
Rock Me Gently  MPG - 226MB Illya/Napoleon
Secret Agent Man  MPG - 213MB gen
Sister Golden Hair  MPG - 213MB Man from Uncle
So Long, Mom  MPG - 94MB Man from Uncle
Miami Vice Music Videos
After You  MPG - 163MB Switek/Zito
Battle of New Orleans  MPG - xxMB fun
Hands of God  MPG - 355MB Pilot&Prodigal Son
Je Te Rechaufferai  MPG - 215MB Sonny/Caitlin
People Got to be Free  MPG - 131MB Switek/Zito
Ready for the Times  MPG - 135MB Castillo
Temper of Revenge  MPG - 246MB Switek/Zito
Miscellaneous Music Videos
X Gettysburg X
X Hiram Holliday Characters      Sandbaggers Characters X
4 Father & Sons  MPG - 236MB 4 simultaneous videos
Indy Jones, Starsky&Hutch
Due South, Forever Knight,
by Paul Kosinski
I Think I'm a Clone  MPG - 123MB Mixed
Old and Gray  MPG - 113MB mixed humor; mostly slash
Trouble  MPG - 184MB Galaxy Quest
(Trek Takeoff)
Dr. Lazarus
Very Last Day  MPG - 155MB Galaxy Quest
(Trek Takeoff)
We May Never Pass  MPG - 291MB Galaxy Quest
(Trek Takeoff)
Professionals Music Videos
Anticipation  MPG - 218MB Bodie/Doyle
Gravel on the Ground  MPG - 140MB Bodie&Doyle
It Doesn't Matter  MPG - 234MB Bodie/Doyle
Waiting for a Friend  MPG - 233MB Bodie&Doyle
Quantum Leap Music Videos
These Dreams  MPG - 278MB Sam
Sherlock Holmes Music Videos
Auld Lang Syne  MPG - 195MB Jeremy Brett
Boxer  MPG - 253MB Holmes
Call It a Loan  MPG - 315MB Holmes/Watson
Everything I Do  MPG - 271MB Holmes/Watson
How Oft, Dear Watson  MPG - 144MB Holmes&Watson
Starsky and Hutch Music Videos
Come and Get It  MPG - 145MB Starsky/Hutch
Take It on the Run  MPG - 148MB Starsky/Hutch
Vatican Rag  MPG - 89MB humor
Star Trek Music Videos
Bones  MPG - 125MB McCoy
City of New Orleans  MPG - 296MB Enterprise
Country Road  MPG - 214MB McCoy
Engineer's Hymn  MPG - 164MB Scotty
Forever Young  MPG - 243MB Kirk
Love's Been Hard  MPG - 188MB Spock
My Way (Series)  MPG - 299MB Kirk
New Math   MPG - 200MB Spock - humor
Space Hero  MPG - 182MB humor
Turns Me Inside Out  MPG - 228MB Spock/Kirk
You Can't Make Love  MPG - 233MB Kirk
Star Wars Music Videos
Rest Stop  MPG - 374MB Han Solo

ALL song videos are produced with the understanding that NO PROFIT WILL BE MADE BY ANYONE in their creation or subsequent copying.

All videos with cream backgrounds are in MP4 format and are suitable for playing on your computer. If you don't have an MP4 codec, you can get the VLC Player or a free version of the 3ivx Player, which is also described at the free-codecs.com website. If the free software expires, 3ivx has a $6.95 player available at their store.

All videos with gold backgrounds are extremely high quality MPEG-2 format, and are suitable for playing directly on your computer, as well as for watching on your TV. You can convert the video into a form that can be burned to DVDs through an "authoring package", such as the free, open-source authoring package which can be found at the
  Lifehacker.com site

Videos shown with a pink background have NOT been made or remade on a digital editing system.

In order to keep some information out of public view, there are two parallel directories: "keepthissecret" and "tv". The tv directory is accessible by search engines. The keepthissecret version of those directories block search engines and are only accessible to fans through announcement links.

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Alias Blake's 7 Boston Legal Buffy
Cadfael Camera Computer Due South
Forever Knight Get Smart Harry Potter House
Lord of the Rings Man from Uncle Miami Vice Miscellaneous
Professionals Quantum Leap Sherlock Holmes Star Trek
Starsky and Hutch Star Wars x x
Christmas Duenna Julia Ecklar Tom Lehrer
Alias Blakes 7 Cadfael
Get Smart Gettysburg Forever Knight
Hiram Holliday Lord of the Rings Sandbaggers

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