Music Video Plans

   Brown-eyed Girl Syd & Dixon Plan
   Doesn't Matter Anymore Jack & Irina Plan
   First Night Alone Sydney & Vaugn Plan
   Here She Comes Sydney Plan
   If a Daughter You Have Jack&Sydney Lyrics
   Patterns Sydney Plan
   Shelter from the Storm Gen Plan
   Turn Away Sydney & Vaugn Plan
   Who's Gonna Know Sydney & parents Plan
Blakes 7
   Games People Play mind games Plan
Boston Legal
   When a Tender Maid Denny/Alan Lyrics
   Had I a Heart Cadfael Lyrics
Forever Knight
   Dust in the Wind Nick/LaCroix Plan
   Father and Son Nick&LaCroix Plan
   It's a Heartache Nick&LaCroix Plan
   When Sable Night Nick/LaCroix Lyrics
   Hard Rain House Plan
Lord of the Rings
   All About Berries drinking Plan
   Fellowship Going South gen Plan
   Strange Blood Gimli&Legolas
Gimli/Legolas Fanfic
   Christmas Song Bodie/Doyle Plan
   It Doesn't Matter Anymore Bodie/Doyle Plan
   Sure a Pair Bodie/Doyle Lyrics
   Tho' Cause for Suspicion Appears Bodie/Cowley & Bodie/Doyle Lyrics
Sherlock Holmes
   How Oft, Dear Watson Holmes/Watson Lyrics
   I'm Gettin' Nuttin' for Xmas Christmas Carol Plan
   Give Starsky the Nymph Starsky/Hutch Lyrics
Star Trek
   All Out of Love Kirk/Spock Plan
   Between a Laugh and a Tear Kirk Plan
   Captain's Lament Kirk&Enterprise Plan
   Could I Each Fault Remember McCoy/Spock Lyrics
   Desperado Spock/Kirk Plan
   Doesn't Anyone Stay Together Kirk&McCoy&Spock Plan
   Here I Am Kirk/Spock Plan
   High Time Kirk&Spock Plan
   Holding Out For a Hero Kirk&Spock Plan
   Home Again Spock Plan
   I Could Never Lustre See Kirk/Spock Lyrics
   I Did It My Way Kirk (Movies) Plan
   I Did It My Way Kirk (Series) Plan
   One Less Set of Footsteps McCoy/Kirk Plan
   One More Night Spock/Kirk Plan
   Right Garden Kirk&McCoy Plan
   Rocky Mountain High Kirk Plan
   Rudolph Scotty Plan
   Sitting Spock/Kirk Plan
   Stay the Night Kirk/Spock/McCoy Plan
   We Three Kings Kirk, Spock, McCoy Plan
Star Wars
   Rest Stop Star Wars Plan

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