I often find myself at night
tormented by the need to say those things that make up me.  I use
not words, but images,
sound -- a multimedia vocabulary.

Literary song videos are videos set to music, where the lyrics of the music, the poetry of the music, is interpreted in the context of the video.

Want a simple example? Think of the lyrics to Frank Sinatra's "I Did It My Way." Now while you're hearing it play in your mind, think about Captain Kirk from Star Trek. There there was a man who knew how to do things HIS way. The music video creates itself in your own imagination.

Need a little more concrete example? Read the words of a song by Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary, Grey Geese, while you look at the images from the Star Trek series.

At the time I showed my videos on our local cable access station, these posters were the way I advertised them. I made up sheets of quarter page size posters, cut them apart, and wandered the town center (which didn't take long) taking down the last poster and scotch taping up the new one into store windows. The old posters were frequently gone when I arrived, since the posters, as well as the videos, became local collectibles. They were the most wondrous fun to make.


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