John Antill, et al

1st Gen John Antill 1st Gen

John Antill
(b: 26 Oct 1693, of Richmond Co Surrey England)

Edward Antill

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2nd Gen Edward Antill 2nd Gen
+ Elizabeth Bowne
+ Sarah

Edward Antill
(20 Mar 1658/59, Richmond, Surry Co Eng)
(Bef. 7 April 1725, NY)
+ Elizabeth Bowne 10 Sep 1686

William Antill
Charles Antill
Anne Antill

+ Sarah Bef. 1701
(d: 26 Dec 1725, Bristol Co MA)

Edward Antill
Elizabeth Antill
George Antill
Mary Antill

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3rd Gen Edward Antill 3rd Gen
+ Catharine
+ Anne Morris

[Edward, John]
Edward Antill
+ CatharineBef. 20 Jun 1729

+ Anne Morris 10 Jun 1739
(3 Apr 1706, Morrisania, Bronx NY)
(Nov 1781)

Sarah Amille Antill [married Lt. Col. John Morris]
Isabel Graham Antill
Colonel Edward Antill
Mary Antill [married Richard Cochran]
Major John Antill
Lewis Antill

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3rd Gen Elizabeth Antill 3rd Gen
+ Reverend Elisha Callender

[Edward, John]
Elizabeth Antill
(b: 1698)
+ Reverend Elisha Callender(22 Apr 1718)
(27 Apr 1692 in Boston MA)
(31 Mar 1738)

2Mary Callender b: 4 March 1721/22 in Boston, Suffolk, MA
2Sarah Callender b: 25 November 1724 in Boston, Suffolk, MA
+Andrew Hall b: 6 October 1723 in Medford, Middlesex, MA d: 1769
3Abigail Hall b: 8 January 1750/51 in Medford, Middlesex, MA
2Hannah Callender b: 26 May 1728 in Boston, Suffolk, MA
2Abiah Callender b: 1 June 1732 in Boston, Suffolk, MA
2Mary Callender b: 14 July 1734 in Boston, Suffolk, MA
2Abigail Callender b: 7 March 1734/35 in Boston, Suffolk, MA
2Elisha Callender b: 27 April 1730
2Elisha Callender b: 10 May 1726

Ltr from John White to Elisha Callender
Elisha and Elizabeth
Andrew Hall and Sarah

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3rd Gen Mary Antill 3rd Gen
+ William Gallop

[Edward, John]
Mary Antill
(Abt. 1701, )
(20 Feb 1762, Bristol, Hartford CT)
+ William Gallop(19 Dec 1721)
(18 Aug 1695, Bristol, Bristol, RI)
(Nov 1774, Cambridge, Middlesex, MA)

2Mary Gallop b: 19 Sep 1725 Bap: St Michaels, Bristol, Hartford CT
+John Binford b: Abt. 1723 in St Michaels, Bristol, Hartford, Ct d: 9 Mar 1760
2Elizabeth Gallop b: 9 Jun 1723 in Newport, Newport RI
+Nathaniel Paine b: Abt. 1721 in Newport, Newport RI>
2Edward Gallop b: 25 Jan 1729/30 Bap: St Michaels, Bristol, Hartford CT d: 28 Apr 1730 in Burial
2Sarah Gallop b: 21 Nov 1731 Bap: St Michaels, Bristol, Hartford CT
+Nathaniel Luther b: Abt. 1729 in St Michaels, Bristol, Hartford, Ct
3Anne Luther b: 10 Dec 1756 in Swansea, Bristol, MA
+Alexander Gardner b: 10 Mar 1749/50 in Swansea, Bristol, Ma d: in Guess for spouse
3Mary Luther b: 11 Sep 1758 in Swansea, Bristol, MA
3Samuel Luther b: 24 Nov 1760 in Swansea, Bristol, MA
2Rebecca Gallop b: 10 Mar 1733/34 Bap: St Michaels, Bristol, Hartford CT
+Joseph Thompson b: Abt. 1731 in St Michaels, Bristol, Hartford, Ct
2Ann Gallop b: 23 Jan 1735/36 Bap: St Michaels, Bristol, Hartford CT d: 4 Jul 1737
2Ann Gallop b: 6 Aug 1738 Bap: St Michaels, Bristol, Hartford CT d: in Bef 13 1766 Oct
+Nathaniel Munro b: Abt. 1737 in St Michaels, Bristol, Hartford, Ct
2Antill Gallop b: 3 Aug 1740 Bap: St Michaels, Bristol, Hartford CT d: in Windsor, , Nova Scotia
+Abigail Pratt b: Abt. 1748 Of Medford, MiddlesexMA 3William Gallop b: 16 Apr 1769 in Middletown, Cambridge MA
3Mary Gallop +Samuel Denison b: 20 Oct 1760 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA
3Abigail Gallop 3Wilson Gallop b: Abt. 1777 in Halifax, Nova Scotia
3Sarah Gallop b: 1778 Bap: St. Paul's Church, Halifax, Nova Scotia
3Caleb Antil Gallop b: Abt. 1782 in Halifax, Nova Scotia
2William Gallop b: 17 Jun 1749 Bap: St Michaels, Bristol, Hartford CT d: Bef 6 1813 Jan
2Samuel Gallop b: 19 Sep 1727 in Bristol, Bristol, Ri d: Bef 13 1759 Dec Louisburg or Quebeq
+Mary Mason b: Abt. 1731 in Bristol, Bristol RI d: 4 Nov 1765 in Old Granary B.g, Boston, Suffolk MA
3Susanna Gallop b: in Boston, Middlesex MA
+William Gallop

Ltr from John White to Elisha Callender
Elisha and Elizabeth
Andrew Hall and Sarah

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4th Gen Sarah Amille Antill 4th Gen
+ Lt. Col. John Morris

Lt. Col. John Morris
(b: Shrewsbury, Monmouth, NJ)
[Edward, Edward, John]
+ Sarah Amille Antill31 Dec 1770
(b: 18 Aug 1740, Piscatauqua, NJ)

John Morris
Sarah "Sally" Morris [married Drake Ludlow]
Amelia Morris

Sarah, Daughter of Edward Antill, by said Anne, his wife, was born at his house in Piscataqua, in the County of Middlesex, in East New Jersey, the 18th day of August, 1740, at 7 of the Clock in the evening, and was baptized at the Church in said Piscataqua, on Sunday the I4th day of September following, by the Reverend William Skinner. Robert Hunter Morris, Esq, Chief Justice of New Jersey, her uncle on the mother's side, being her godfather, and Ursula Parker and Mary Forster her godmothers." She married Lieutenant Colonel John Morris.

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4th Gen Isabel Graham Antill 4th Gen
+ Reverend Robert McKean

Reverend Robert McKean
(13 July 1732, Nova Scotia)
(17 October 1767, Raritan Landing NJ)
[Colonel Edward, Edward, Edward, John]
+ Isabel Graham Antill 19 Feb 1766
(b:Abt. 1741)

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Isabella Graham Antill, daughter of Kdward Antill, 2d, married the Rev. Robert McKean, February 19, 1761, at Christ Church, Shrewsbury, N.J. This relationship possibly accounts for the warmth of Mr. McKean's eulogy of his father-in-law, quoted above, although Mrs. Antill is said to have been a "young lady of very gay and independent spirit, not calculated to enhance the domestic happiness of the missionary."

The will of Robert McKean, "Clerk, Missionary from the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, at Perth Amboy," bears date Sept. 13, 1767. He mentions his father, William McKean, brother-in-law, Richard Cochran, wife Isabella,

Collections, Volume 9, New Jersey Historical Society
The Rev. Robert McKean was b. July 13, 1732, the son of William McCain and Letltia Finney, his wife. William McCain was b. in Ireland in 1707, and coming to America in early life with his mother, Susan McCain, settled with her at Chatham, New London, Chester county, Penn., where he kept tavern until 1741, thereafter for four years at Londongrove, and later at Londonderry, in the same region. He d. Nov. 18, 1769.

Robert McKean (as he wrote his name) studied for the ministry, probably under the Rev. Francis Allison. D. D., and having been ordained in England, in 1757 was appointed by the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts to be a missionery of the Church of England, at New Brunswick, his labors, however, often extending so far afield as Plscataway, Spotswood, Woodbridge, and more distant settlements in Central New Jersey. On taking charge of his mission he wrote home to the Society, January 8, 1758, that he "arrived at New Brunswick on the 16th of Dec., and was kindly received by his congregation, and had officiated regularly to them from that time."

Writing again from New Brunswick, Feb. 5, 1758, to the Rev. Dr. Peter Bearcroft, Secretary of the Society, he says: "Since my arrival here I have wrote to you by two different Conveyances, one by the Pacquet, and another by means of a friend via Ireland. In them I have troubled you with a particular account of my Voyage and other proper occurrences, as also the kind reception I have met with and the happy prospect I have as yet in my mission."

Young as he was, his indefatigable zeal and marked ability were speedily recognized. The College in Philadelphia (now the University of Pennsylvania) conferred upon him the honorary degree of A. M., in 1760. When Gov. Thomas Boone arrived in New Jersey, in July, 1760, the clergy of the Church of England waited upon him with an address, presented by a committee of three, of whom Mr. McKean was one.

He served on a similar committee to address Gov. Josiah Hardy in November, 1761. He was regular and faithful in his attendance upon the convention of clergy which met in Philadelphia, April 30-May 5, 1760, to discuss the affairs of the church in Pennsylvania and the Lower Counties; he and Mr. Samuel Cook, "two of the Society's worthy Missionaries of New Jersey, [attending] with the kind intention of giving their best advice and assistance in promoting the designs of the Convention."

When the pulpit of St. Peter's church at Perth Amboy became vacant, in 1761, the people of that congregation "had so much their hearts set on Mr. McKean" that they were "utterly averse" to the Society's selection, and were correspondingly glad when the appointee declined to leave Litchfield, Conn., and in the course of a year Mr. McKean was transferred to Perth Amboy, where he arrived in February, 1763, with a notification of his appointment as Missionary, his services being restricted to that parish exclusively, at the request of the vestry.

In 1764 Woodbridge was placed in his care, he visiting it once every three weeks. In these charges he labored with indefatigable zeal and assiduity, and manifestly had the confidence of the older clergy. His own experience of the hard ship laid upon young Americans who were obliged to go to England for ordination made him an ardent and perhaps intemperate advocate of the plan of appointing American Bishops - a cause so ably urged by Dr. Chandler.

Mr. McKean studied medicine, and was a successful practitioner in that profession, and so much esteemed among his fellow medical men that he was one of the seventeen who organized the New Jersey Medical Society, in July, 1766, and was elected its first President. His parishioners did not object to his practicing, but they - at least some of them - did find fault when he sent in his bills. He also seems to have taught school at Perth Amboy.

Mr. McKean m. Isabel Graham Antill, Feb. 19, 1766, at Christ church, Shrewsbury. She was a dau. of Edward Antill, 2d, of New Brunswick, and Anne Morris, his wife, dau. of Gov. Lewis Morris. She is said to have been "a young lady of very gay and independent spirit, not caiculated to enhance the domestic happiness of the missionary." In his will, dated Sept. 13, 1767, he describes himself as "Clerk, Missionary from the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, at Perth Amboy." He mentions his wife, but no children. He died at Raritan Landing, near New Brunswick, at the residence of his father-in-law, Edward Antill. 2d, October 17, 1767, after a long and wasting iliness.

Writing to the Society, October 12, 1767, the Rev. Dr. Thomas Bradbury Chandler, of Elizabethtown. says: "Wasted away with a tedious disorder, the worthy, the eminently useful and amiable Mr. McKean is judged by his physicians to be at present at the point of death." He adds: "A better man was never in the Society's service." The lamented young clergyman was buried in St. Peter's churchyard, Perth Amboy, where a monument erected by his brother, Thomas McKean - a Signer of the Declaration of Independence, Chief Justice and afterwards Governor of Pennsylvania - bears this inscription:

"In Memory of The Rev. Robert McKean, M. A., Practitioner in Physic. &c., and Missionary from the Society for the Propagation of the GOspel in Foreign Parts, to the City of Perth Amboy:—who was born July 13th, 1732, N. S., and died Oct. 17th, 1767, An unshaken Friend, an agreeable Companion, a rational Divine, a skillful Physician, and in every relation in life a truly benevolent and honest man, Fraternal love hath erected this monument."

4th Gen Dr. Lewis Antill 4th Gen
+ Alice Colden

[Major John, Edward, Edward, John]
Dr. Lewis Antill
(10 Dec 1746, Piscataqua, Middlesex, NJ)
(11 Sep 1777, at sea)
+ Alice Colden 30 Nov 1771
(22 Feb 1744/45)
(Abt. 1776)

Edward Antill
Elizabeth Colden Antill
Alice Antill [married William Davies]

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Lewis Antill, son of Edward Antill, 2d, married Alice Colden, daughter of Cadwallader Colden (third son of Lieutenant-Governor Cadwallader Colden, of New York), Nov. 30, 1771.' He is said to have served in the American army, during the Revolution, and to have lost his life at the battle of Brandywine (September 11, I777). No record of such service has been found. He was the "Dr. Lewis Antle" who visited Judge John Fell, the New Jersey Congressman, on May 11, 17/7, in the Provost Jail, in New York.

Nothing has been learned of his subsequent history. He was deceased at the date of his mother's will, March 27, 1778. He left one child, Elizabeth Colden Antill, mentioned in that will, as above. He and his wife are said to have died in 1776, leaving two daughters. This date is obviously a year out of the way.

5th Gen Elizabeth Colden Antill 5th Gen
+ Rev. Frederick Van Horne

[Major John, Edward, Edward, John]
Rev. Frederick Van Horne
(Abt. 1768)
(31 May 1835, Poughkeepsie, NY)
+ Elizabeth Colden Antill 27 May 1783
(9 May 1774, Of Newburgh, Orange, NY)
(3 Jun 1835)

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5th Gen Alice Antill 5th Gen
+ William Davies

William Davies
(21 Mar 1763, New Milford, CT)
(7 Feb 1857)
[Major John, Edward, Edward, John]
+ Alice Antill 18 Apr 1818
(17 Jan 1776)
(25 Jun 1870)

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4th Gen Mary Antill 4th Gen
+ Richard Cochran

Richard Cochran
(b: 1739, Of Middlesex Co NJ)
[Major John, Edward, Edward, John]
+ Mary Antill 15 Oct 1764
(b: Abt 1743, Piscataqua, Middlesex, NJ)

Anne Cochran

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