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Our family story, told by my grandmother, Jennie Audrey {pictured above center], was of her being the half-sister of Lucille Mulhall. Jennie was born in Butte MT in 1888, and spent her early years on a ranch with her friends being the cowboys and local Indians. She was sent to boarding school in St. Louis, and corresponded and visited with Lucille, as told by both my mother and her brother Jack.

Descendants of Zack "Zachariah P. Vandeveer" Mulhall

1  Zack "Zachariah P. Vandeveer" Mulhall    (b: 22 Sep 1847 in Cooper County MO    d: 18 Sep 1931 in Mulhall OK)

    +Mary Agnes Locke    (b: Sep 1859 in St Louis MO    d: 30 Jan 1931 in Mulhall OK)

        2  Mary Agnes 'Bossie' Mulhall    (b: Apr 1879 in St Louis MO    d: 10 Apr 1916)
        2  Zack P. Mulhall    (b: Abt. 1879 in St Louis MO    d: 08 Sep 1882 in St Louis MO)
        2  Logan Vandeveer Mulhall    (b: 26 Mar 1882 in St Louis MO    d: 1895 in Mulhall OK)
        2  Lucille Agatha Mulhall    (b: 21 Oct 1885 in St Louis MO    d: 21 Dec 1940 in Mulhall OK)
                3  Margaret A. Mulhall    (b: 1906 in MO    d: 03 Jun 1928 in Oklahoma City OK)
           +Martin Garrison Van Bergen    (b: Abt. 1885 in Kansas)
                3  William Logan Van Bergen    (b: 29 Jan 1909 in Missouri    d: 21 Feb 1993 in CA)
                   +Helen N.    (b: Abt. 1914 in CA - )
         *2nd Husband of Lucille Agatha Mulhall:
           +Thomas Lloyd Burnett    (b: 1871 in Denton TX    d: 26 Dec 1938 in Wichita TX)
        2  Marmaduke Mulhall    (b: 1891 in Mulhall OK    d: 1891 in Mulhall OK)
        2  Mildred Mulhall    (b: 1906    d: in Died as infant)
        2  Madeline Mulhall    (b: 1906    d: in Died as infant)

    +Georgia Smith    (b: May 1872 in Saint Louis MO    d: 1955 in Guthrie OK)

        2  Charles Joseph Mulhall    (b: 23 Apr 1888 in Kansas City MO    d: 22 Feb 1958 in Mulhall OK)
           +Iva Flavia Park    (b: 06 Aug 1895 in St. Clair, Missouri    d: 13 Apr 1988 in Lancaster CA)
                3  Logan Joseph Mulhall    (b: 27 Aug 1919 in Fergus MO    d: 30 Oct 1992 in Big Lake AK)
                3  Martha Elizabeth 'Betty' Mulhall    (b: 04 Dec 1923 in Fergus MT    d: 25 Nov 2007 in Las Vegas NV)
                   +Andrew Stolarz    (b: 28 Mar 1918 in New Jersey    d: 18 May 1996 in Riverside County CA)
                3  Lyle Cecil Mulhall    (b: 08 Jun 1922 in Fergus MT    d: Jul 1985 in Honolulu HI)
         *2nd Wife of Charles Joseph Mulhall:
           +Esther    (b: Abt. 1911 -)

        2  Mildred Madeline Mulhall    (b: 23 Aug 1895 in Missouri    d: 1945 in Logan OK)
           +Owen Ellsworth Acton    (b: 21 Feb 1886 in Logan OK    d: 23 Sep 1967 in Crescent OK)
         *2nd Husband of Mildred Madeline Mulhall:
           +Weller La Rue Carmichael    (b: 10 Jun 1893 in Florida    d: Aug 1967 in Ocala FL)
                3  Virginia Wenell Carmichael    (b: 23 Oct 1917 in Marion FL    d: 25 Oct 1998 in Bradenton FL)
                   G. Howard Pennington    (b: 07 Jul 1908 in Georgia    d: 28 Jan 1974 in Haines FL)
                3  Martha "Moppy" Carmichael    (b: 14 Mar 1919 in Marion FL    d: 04 Oct 2005 in Guthrie OK)
                   +Leo Franklin "Pete" Swanson    ( b: 17 Aug 1914 in Guthrie OK    d: 02 Jul 1972 in Tahlequah OK)
                 *2nd Husband of Martha "Moppy" Carmichael:
                   +Arthur Fisch    (b: 21 Jul 1910    d: 15 Mar 1993 in Guthrie OK)

    +Mother Unknown, gave birth in Butte MO

        2  Jennie Audrey Dribben    (b: 23 Jul 1888 in Butte, Montana (?)    d: 16 Jan 1969 in Chicago IL)
           +James Homer Butridge    (b: 02 Jun 1880 in Sherman, TX    d: 21 May 1962 in Chicago, IL)
                3  Jean Audrey Butridge    (b: 19 Mar 1911 in Chicago, IL    d: 10 Feb 1984 in Boston MA)
                   +Bradley TenEyck Van Deusen    (b: 05 Nov 1905 in Canon City, CO    d: 23 Sep 1955 in San Antonio TX)
                3  Jack Homer Butridge    (b: 11 May 1914 in Chicago, IL    d: 20 Nov 2005 in Boston MA)
                   +Frances Mary Smith    (b: 19 Dec 1913 in Chicago, IL    d: 31 May 1958 in St. Louis MO)

Descendants of Paul VanDerVoort

Generation No. 1

1.     Paul1 VanDerVoort was born 1595 in Dermonde, Flanders, Netherlands, and died 02 Jun 1681 in Bushwick, Kings, New York.
He married Unknown. She was born 1587 in Flanders, Netherlands.

Child of Paul VanDerVoort and Unknown is:
2.   MICHAEL PAULUS VANDERVOORT,   b. 1615, Bé, Woleu-Ntem, Gabon; d. 20 Sep 1692, Talbot MD.

Generation No. 2

2.   Michael Paulus2 Vandervoort    (Paul1)
was born 1615 in Bé, Woleu-Ntem, Gabon, and died 20 Sep 1692 in Talbot MD. He married Marritje Rapalje 18 Nov 1640 in New York, daughter of George Rapalje and Catalina Trico. She was born 11 Mar 1626/27 in New Amsterdam NY, and died 1685 in Talbot MD.

Child of Michael Vandervoort and Marritje Rapalje is:
3.   GEORGE PAUL3 VANDERFORD,   b. 18 Oct 1656, Brooklyn, Kings NY; d. 25 Aug 1715, Easton, Talbot MD.

Generation No. 3

3.   George Paul3 Vanderford     (Michael Paulus2 Vandervoort, Paul1)
was born 18 Oct 1656 in Brooklyn, Kings NY, and died 25 Aug 1715 in Easton, Talbot MD. He married Elenor Hollingsworth. She was born 1665 in Maryland, and died 1759.

Child of George Vanderford and Elenor Hollingsworth is:
4.   THOMAS4 VANDERFORD,   b. 1689, Talbot, Maryland; d. 1767, Kent, Delaware.

Generation No. 4

4.   Thomas4 Vanderford     George Paul3, Michael Paulus2 Vandervoort, Paul1)
was born 1689 in Talbot, Maryland, and died 1767 in Kent DE. He married Rosanna Ashbury. She was born 1691, and died 29 Jul 1740 in Kent DE.

Child of Thomas Vanderford and Rosanna Ashbury is:
5.   CHARLES VANDEVEER,   b. 1725, Queen Anne, Prince George's MD; d. Jun 1824, Casey KY.

Generation No. 5

5.   Charles5 Vandeveer     (Thomas4 Vanderford, George Paul3, Michael Paulus2 Vandervoort, Paul1)
was born 1725 in Queen Anne, Prince George's MD, and died Jun 1824 in Casey KY. He married Mary Jones. She was born 1733, and died 1824 in Casey KY.

Child of Charles Vandeveer and Mary Jones is:
6.   GEORGE6 VANDEVEER,   b. 1765, North Carolina; d. Abt. 1860, Kansas.

Generation No. 6

6.   George6 Vandeveer     (Charles5, Thomas4 Vanderford, George Paul3, Michael Paulus2 Vandervoort, Paul1)
was born 1765 in North Carolina, and died Abt. 1860 in Kansas. He married Elizabeth Betsey Logan, daughter of William Logan and Mary Pettit. She was born 1772 in Surry, North Carolina, and died 07 Dec 1857 in Casey, Kentucky.

Child of George Vandeveer and Elizabeth Logan is:
7.   WILLIAM7 VANDEVEER,   b. 1792, Surry County NC; d. 1880, Burnet County TX.

Generation No. 7

7.   William7 Vandeveer     (George6, Charles5, Thomas4 Vanderford, George Paul3, Michael Paulus2 Vandervoort, Paul1)
was born 1792 in Surry County NC, and died 1880 in Burnet County TX. He married Emily Shackelford, daughter of Richard Shackelford and Tabitha Baldock. She was born 1790 in Lincoln County KY, and died 1829 in Casey County KY.

Child of William Vandeveer and Emily Shackelford is:
8.   ZACHARY P.8 VANDEVEER,   b. 1817, Liberty, Casey, Kentucky; d. 04 Sep 1855, Jefferson, Plaquemines LA.

Generation No. 8

8.   Zachary P.8 Vandeveer     (William7, George6, Charles5, Thomas4 Vanderford, George Paul3, Michael Paulus2 Vandervoort, Paul1)
was born 1817 in Liberty, Casey, Kentucky, and died 04 Sep 1855 in Jefferson, Plaquemines, Louisiana. He married (1) Malinda Loving, daughter of John Loving and Nancy. She was born 1830 in Virginia, and died in Texas.

Child of Zachary Vandeveer and Malinda Loving is:
9.   ZACK "ZACHARIAH P. VANDEVEER"9 MULHALL,   b. 22 Sep 1847, Cooper Co. MO; d. 18 Sep 1931, Mulhall, Logan OK.

Generation No. 9

9.   Zack "Zachariah P. Vandeveer"9 Mulhall     (Zachary P.8 Vandeveer, William7, George6, Charles5, Thomas4 Vanderford, George Paul3, Michael Paulus2 Vandervoort, Paul1)
was born 22 Sep 1847 in Cooper Co. MO, and died 18 Sep 1931 in Mulhall, Logan OK.

He married (1) Mary Agnes Locke 1877 in St. Louis MO. She was born Sep 1859 in St Louis MO, and died 30 Jan 1931 in Mulhall, Logan OK.

Children of Zack Mulhall and Mary Locke are:
i.  MARY AGNES 'BOSSIE' MULHALL,  b. Apr 1879, St Louis, St Louis MO; d. 10 Apr 1916.
ii.  ZACK P. MULHALL,  b. Abt. 1879, St Louis, St Louis MO; d. 08 Sep 1882, St Louis, St Louis MO.
iii.  LOGAN VANDEVEER MULHALL,  b. 26 Mar 1882, Saint Louis, St. Louis, Missouri; d. 1895, Mulhall, Logan OK.
iv.  LUCILLE AGATHA MULHALL,   b. 21 Oct 1885, St Louis, St Louis MO; d. 21 Dec 1940, Mulhall, Logan OK;
  m.  (1)  MARTIN GARRISON VAN BERGEN  b. 22 Mar 1909, Jackson KS, Missouri; b. Abt. 1885, Kansas;
  m.  (2)  THOMAS LLOYD BURNETT,  b. 03 May 1919; b. 1871, Denton, Denton TX; d. 26 Dec 1938, Wichita TX.
v.  MARMADUKE MULHALL,  b. 1891, Mulhall, Logan OK; d. 1891, Mulhall, Logan OK.
vi.  MILDRED MULHALL,  b. 1906; d. Died as infant; m. UNKNOWN CARMICHAEL; d. Of Ocala FL.
vii.  MADELINE MULHALL,  b. 1906; d. Died as infant.

(2) Georgia Smith, daughter of David Smith and Nancy Smith. She was born May 1872 in Saint Louis MO, and died 1955 in Guthrie OK.

Children of Zack Mulhall and Georgia Smith are:
viii.  CHARLES JOSEPH10 MULHALL,  b. 23 Apr 1888, Kansas City MO; d. 22 Feb 1958, Mulhall OK;
  m.  (1)    IVA FLAVIA PARK;,   b. 06 Aug 1895, St. Clair MO; d. 13 Apr 1988, Lancaster CA;
  m.  (2)    ESTHER,,  1915, Sheridan WY; b. Abt. 1911.
ix.  MILDRED MADELINE MULHALL,  b. 23 Aug 1895, Missouri; d. 1945, Logan OK;
  m.  (1)  OWEN E. ACTON;   b. 21 Feb 1886, Logan OK; d. 23 Sep 1967, Crescent OK;
  m.  (2)  WELLER L. CARMICHAEL,  b. 10 Jun 1893, FL; d. Aug 1967, Ocala FL.

(3) Unknown

Child of Zack "Zachariah P. Vandeveer" Mulhall and Unknown is:
iii.  JENNIE AUDREY  b. 23 Jul 1888, Butte MT (?); d. 16 Jan 1969, Chicago IL;
  m.  JAMES HOMER BUTRIDGE,  09 Sep 1909, Crown Point IN;
       b. 02 Jun 1880, Sherman TX; d. 21 May 1962, Chicago IL.

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