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Adding New England Elegance
Gallery of Wreaths

Having always considered crafts to be something done in long distant childhood (I really did teach a small class in basket weaving), I was pleasantly surprised by a lecture given at our local plant store on how to make Christmas wreaths from fresh sprigs taken from around your own property. But the talk also covered enough of the issues involved in the general making of wreaths to make it obvious how to use dried and silk materials.

The impetus for going into wreath making with my usual enthusiasm was an upcoming Vampire Convention for the TV show Forever Knight. Bringing along vampire wreaths sounded like something not many people would be doing. I made a trip to a local florist and had them make me a vampire corsage while I watched. This involved spraying a white fresh flower with a dye made just for that purpose. I took home both a lovely new corsage, and an undersanding of how to make them.

Never liking to go into something alone, I wheedled a dear friend, Lyn Bates, into wreathing along with me. Her first effort was marvelous, and we entered it in the convention art show. Not surprisingly, she won!

What I like about wreath making is that you can create objects that are not just graceful and beautiful, but ones that are also symbolic. So a favorite vampire wreath of mine consists of two small white roses nestled against a larger black one, the two white ones representing the two people brought across by the master vampire, LaCroix. Pear shaped ruby glass turns out to be perfect for drops of blood!

For awhile, Lyn and I went crazy. We wreathed everything that would stand still long enough to get a bow. We glued and pasted and sequined, and were the messiest and happiest people you can possibly imagine. Lyn and I have both had stressful professional careers, and we both go about our hobbies with the same joyous enthusiasm we bring to our work, but definitely without the stress. Sometimes, it seems, you rest by just changing gears.

One of my favorite wreaths of Lyn's came out of our interest in shooting. Lyn is very active with the non-profit organization AWARE, Arming Women Against Rape and Endangerment. We called her wreath the Annie Oakley. The prototype, of course, is a wine cork wreath.

So now my basement is filled with piles and boxes and bags of wreaths and wreath supplies. Luckily I know of one thing that won't get dusty anytime soon. Memories! I'm so glad we've shared them, Lyn. And I don't even have to find an empty wall on which to hang them. All I need is your name.


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