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Grades 2A and 2B
R. Stegmiller
Room 102
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Room 203
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Room 201
Younger Choir
Gertrude Janzen
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Mrs. Nettleton
Room 202
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Mrs. Langdon
Room 304
Older Choir
Gertrude Janzen
   America, Our Heritage
Grade 8
Vivian G. Barry
Room 303
   Mercury Scenicruiser

The Joseph Warren Elementary School was located at 9210 S. Chappel, in Chicago. The school from which we graduated in 1958, 50 years ago, was a 3 story brick schoolhouse with its main entrance on Chappel, and side entrances off the girls' playground on 92nd street and the boys' playground in the middle of the block.

The brick school that we attended was taken down, and a new school of the same name sits on the site, with its address on Jeffery rather than on Chappel.

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