Aquinas Dominican High School Class '62

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Aquinas Music Videos
Aquinas Loyalty Song
Class of 1962 18 MB mp4 129 MB mp2
Christmas Auld Lang Syne
Class of 1962 - Helen Reddy 29 MB mp4 191 MB mp2
Auld Lang Syne - Lost Friends
Nuns - James Taylor 34 MB mp4 200 MB mp2
Ahern-Cronin - Mitch Miller 16 MB mp4 89 MB mp2
Donovan-Langford - Stephen Bishop 16 MB mp4 94 MB mp2
Linden-Sieg - Susan Boyle 23 MB mp4 131 MB mp2
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Antique illustrations put to a beautiful
recitation of 'Night Before Christmas'

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Taquin '60 Yearbook
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Taquin '62 Yearbook
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