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With expertise across the board in web design, computers, multimedia, videos, graphics, education and writing, InterMedia Enterprises provides low-cost, one-stop-shopping solutions for your web design and video production needs.
Our experience includes:
  • producing an international multimedia magazine
  • building a half-million dollar video studio at IBM Research
  • designing and building a video edit controller and router
  • producing over thirty videos and three hundred music videos
  • participating in the creation of multimedia projects and video simulations
  • writing over forty technical articles, books and works of fiction
  • writing movie and television screenplays
  • producing a weekly cable television show
  • chairing ACM's professional society for computer languages (SIGPLAN)
  • creating and editing two professional newsletters (Ada LETTERS and Lisp Pointers)
  • chairing or co-chairing four professional computer languages conferences

Web Design Digitized Video Video Production Video Simulation
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