What Our Client Has To Say About His Site

From: gregoryp@restorteeth.com

Dear Mary,

I thought you would like to know that I just started treatment on an implant reconstruction that will fee at approximately $40,000. The patient is a direct result of your superb presentation of my practice on the Internet. She is traveling 55 miles and one hour to have me provide the treatment she desperately desires.

As you know, I have completed 12 restorative/aesthetic cases in the last year that have either been directly or indirectly influenced by your web site presentation of my practice.

Almost daily, I get e-mail from people around the country and world complimenting me on the quality of the site and treating me as an expert resource for questions, again, based on the site presentation of my expertise and ability. I've had contact from a professor in Brazil who wants to have cosmetic treatment when he is in Boston on a three month sabattical this fall.

Right now I'm working on helping a student at the University of Michigan refine his dental school application letter.

You are the BEST, keep it up,


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